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    I have lots of errors on our Kuka KRC2 first errors are (Ackn. Common KSD-Error A1 through to A6), then after this list a list of (1239 Ackn. Synchronisation error drive A1 through to A6) sometimes the Axis numbers are in different order, Also had (1237 Ackn. wrong drive parameter A1 to A6). The robot will play and then stop at various positions in the program and sometimes trip out as soon as you play. Other times it will run for a couple of hours and then stop, other days it will run all morning and then trip out 10 times in the afternoon. Really cannot pin point the fault Any help please. Thanks :help: :waffen100: Update I am not sure if this has solved it but I have changed the cycle time optimiser to 2.6 from 4.2 and still running 100% speed and its running ok for now. would still like any info you guys have.

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