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    thank you HAWKME
    last question :
    what is the best method to save the position to PRs ?
    I did this method after jog the robot to the correct position
    cruiser to the PR which needs to be changed then press SHIFT+RECORD
    then switch off and on again after some seconds
    but when I run the robot in automatic it goes to the old wrong position.

    thank you so much .
    I joged the robot to the correct position but when I tried to save the new correct position to PR43 I got this message ( it has been recorded to the position register) unfortunately didn't keep the new position.

    Good evening/morning everybody
    I have a fanuc robot wiht rj3ib controller all the positions in the program are correct except the final position to fix the tube in vertical direction between two tailstocks is not correct.
    I tried to change PR by hitting the shift key wtih record but when I run the program in automatic the robot still keeps the wrong position(no difference).
    how can I adjust it ?
    what is the pest way to do that ?

    thank you very much
    I don't have another choice I'll apply your steps next week then tell you
    you said :
    8) put your robot to SOFTWARE 0 position. (not witness marks).
    the zeros exactly at witness marks after quick master and calibrating when I restored the image .
    if you mean home position the amount for axis are :
    j1 15.000
    j2 -25.000
    j3 -5.000
    j4 0.000
    j5 5.000
    j6 0.000
    would you like me to set the differences into the zero positio at witness marks or home position ?
    11) remaster your robot to those positions.
    Is it necessary to do calibrating after remaster to those points ?

    Hi everyone
    I have a fanuc robot with rj3ib control .
    the robot is o.K after restore image but when I start auto mode the robot will go to pick up the workpiece it passes it a little bit, also it will pass the second point that whtich the robot will put the workpiece down.
    How can I adjust the operating program ?
    plz help me :bawling: