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    I wanted to float one of my new ideas to the robotics community. I am an armature robotcist, and am going through the paces with some lego nxt bricks. I have discovered the "worm gear", which gears down a gear combination to provide more torque. I had an idea for a new form of worm gear that may not have ever been invented before, and could allow the aggregation of multiple 20 step motors into a new combination of a single motor group controlled by i2c bus and a micro controller. My idea is that you can combine these motors and create an "ascending worm gear", which would mean that the gear gets bigger at a predictable rate such that the motors could be infinitely sophisticated to a fault. Instead of a single 20 step gear you would have the motors arranged this ascending gear and it would provide infinite sophistication, instead of 20 steps, you get more like 360 to 720 to 1440, etc. Such a motor would be able to do very sophisticated deft movements. Essentially the gears that drive the worm gear need 20 teeth. You can spiral them around the worm gear at predictable intervals. Your C API would provide a number that increments by a number of degrees per motor, and decreases when the margin for error gets smaller. The entire i2c bus becomes it's own little subsystem, that another robot could control easily via high level commands. Some day I would like to see lego parts for this, and raspberry pi parts for this such that I can have a weird little robot contraption, possibly 3d printed. Unfortunately math will probably be required, so I am posting the idea here such that the community can benefit if necessary.