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    Hello Carlos,

    The robot can be programmed without having to teach the points, but that would require the RoboGuide software for the most effective offline programming. It is many times easiest to teach the program step-by-step if that is an option.

    The simulation side is best done, from my personal experience, using FANUC's RoboGuide software. It contains a variety of packages that are great for all the applications that can be done with their industrial robots. It is fairly expensive though and unless this robot is being used in a manufacturing facility and is needed for production the software is not worth it in my opinion.

    As for checking before running it there is not much that should be done. I would personally just plug it in and run it. If there are programs already on the controller that are taught I would have it run some of those and monitor for anything that looks odd. Be aware of the joint heat values as well. If the robot is running and the heat percentage is going above 70% at any single joint you may want to have the lubricants changed out.

    As for your CD I am unsure as to why it is not working for you. I personally have run into that problem myself and never found a solution.

    I hope this was helpful.