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    Yes, I've come across a lot of things you're talking about. For example: robot Fanuc 10iD, set speed 2000 mm/s, distance 100mm. Under these conditions, the maximum real speed ~476mm/s, calculated by the controller time 0.212, real time 0.424(0.212*2). But I do not understand how the controller calculates t=0.212, and calculates very quickly. I would have at least a General outline of the algorithm to learn.
    Still tried to find time by means of this article, but unfortunately did not understand on what principle the controller receives points from the line...with any particular frequency?

    Hi. I apologize in advance for possible grammatical errors. My task is to find the time of movement of the robot from point A to point B in a straight line. I work only in the XY plane, Z - invariably. If anyone knows how it is calculated in an industrial robot, I will be glad of your help. I calculated the time using the method described in the student's work, which I attach below. But his method takes into account only the geometric parameters, and is not accurate enough, or I do something wrong.