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    Fanuc software is a very powerful tool however, in my opinion, it is not as user-friendly. It does offer many functions and does OK but is not outstanding in any one portion. The Octopuz software out of the box has not let me down nor has the customer support when I need it. I am a visual learner and have been coached along the way and have developed skills using the OCTOPUZ OLP that allow me to program parts in a matter of minutes to an hr.

    Do you mean that we shouldn't take for granted the factory mastering?

    FActory mastering is BS. you're lucky to be within a pencil eraser diameter if checking TCP. The perfect world would be to perform the enhanced Mastering method then keep reteaching the TCP until you are where you want to be and that is 0 walk from the set pointer you are using on the table.

    To limit touchups you need to get the real world and OPL matching. 1st thing we did was Perform enhanced mastering of the robot, then set up a new TCP. Once this is complete start picking points around the table and bring them into the OPL. Move the OPL table or positioner to match along with the corrected TCP numbers. When performing the above I use a 5/8" Teach tip instead of the wire. Also when you perform a new TCP use the 6 point method it is more accurate in the end. Now when I send a program from Octopuz to my robot I am within a 1.5mm or better.

    All of above starts WITH GOOD MASTERING!!! it has taken me 3 months to get this dialed in, and now all that's left is dialing weld schedules in.

    This may be long I apologize but am not getting any help from the powers that be. We recently purchased an older Genesis CRZ system with A Fanuc 100iBe robot and Rj3iC. Upon purchase it had a broken connector on J4 so the unit needed to be rewired, so I purchased a new harness and did this. After I performed tic mark master along with master enhancement on J4 J5 and set up a new TCP. The following week we had a company come in and take my TCP and there calibrated table points and put them into a virtual OLP ( OCTOPUZ). I set up my first programs and was AMAZED at how close I could program and get away with virtually no touchups. Now 2 weeks go by and I am performing touch-ups on a part and was watching the head not the tail and I collided the J2/J3on the back wall. it cracked the servo which lost mastering. I had to remove the robot from the base and swivel the robot just to remove the servo. FAST FORWARD. Servo replaced robot bolted back down ( NO PINS WERE EVER THERE ) but again it has to be remastered again and start from scratch. SO I perform the above all over again and actually get a better TCP than the first time. I give all the data to OCTOPUZ and they calibrate the table and send it back. But every program is way off. This leads me to measure the points I sent them in the cad. I picked all 4 corners of the table with a teach pointer and they are perfect to all corners. The table measures 36" deep and 58" My cad is made to match table. Now when we import the points into Octopuz and you measure between them they measure 35.625" x 57.3125". If we measure the table in cad it matches reality. SO my question is how can the robot travel the same distance and not match the true measurement? hope I made sense. Octopuz insists its a poor mastering of the robot and Genesis insists they have a dam near perfect TCP. I can verify the TCP is spot on less than a mm I am stumped and not sure what to look at next. I am FAR from an expert and know plenty to get me in trouble. And if I had not written a previous program I could believe that this is a good as it can get but I have seen how accurate we were. ANY HELP OR ADVISE IS GREATLY APPRECIATED


    I have weld pro and it appears all the models in it are CSB. I need them in a usable format and having a hard time getting my integrator to give me what I paid for. Is there a way of converting or do I have to keep hounding them for my files

    We just purchased Octopuz and are underway of getting it all setup. We currently have weld pro and I am not a fan. I Will try and post back once we are up and running but so far the tech support has been awesome.

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