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    I'm wondering what's the easiest way to offset a position for an X & Z axis. My plc is writing into registers to control offset positions for easy touch ups for removing flash off a part. I need control over both the X & Z axis's separately. But I've realized that I can only offset 1 PR on a single move instruction. Any quick fixes you can think of?

    Working on setting up a NEW work cell with a M10id 12, this model was equipped with a r30IB plus pendent. Can someone verify if the DCS setup menu changed from the standard r30IA/IB pendent. Some of my options look different when setting up my cartesian position check. For instance I'm use to the menu options using a (0 :Disable, -1: Robot, -2 Tool) on the older controllers.

    Setting up a new cell using a LR Mate 200 ID,

    This is a pretty simple pick and place operation, with this being said what is the preferred way of creating a homing routine for the robot. I've always using registers to back track out of an area of operation, but I'm seeking additional help to see if there's a better way to do this. Thanks!