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    Dear All,

    i' ve a packaging application with 2 conveyors.

    Pick on the belt/put into a box

    Generally i use the pickmaster.I'm making the application without it.

    In the pickmaster solution abb drop the wobj using the ack trigger on the movement with the tracking wobj.

    TriggL RelTool(PickTarget.RobTgt,0,0,-ItmSrcData{Index}.OffsZ),pickSpeed,ItmSrcData{Index}.Ack,z20,Gripper1\WObj:=WObjPick;

    This not is possible with the conveyor tracking because is necessary insert a fine point or change wobj reference before drop the wobj.
    My second conveyor is a tracking conveyor and not is sure i have a new reference to drop.

    i'd like drop wobj like abb.

    How can i do it ?