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    I agree. But there will be only few formulas to calculate, by which generally torque and inertia calculation softwares are made.Hope any one cracks and explains those.

    You can do by multiple part appearances.
    But you have to use logic for that available in event evaluate.

    Can any one explain the below given location attributes

    CALL zone1 req
    CALL zone1 enter
    CALL zone7 req
    CALL zone7 enter
    CALL zone10 req
    CALL zone10 enter



    I am not able to project few points onto the cad data due to curve available in cad data. Can anyone help :help:
    Any suggestions for different procedure?

    Hi Guys,

    one more Query.

    As i know 1025 is logical number assigned for DI[1],
    and 1 is logical number for DI[321] & DI[513] on different racks.

    Apart from using these logical numbers in Group inputs/outputs.
    where are logical numbers used, and its purpose once they are assigned.

    Kindly clarify. :help: :wallbash:

    Dear Nation,

    In First range,

    DI[1-320] Start point is mentioned as 1025

    which means DI[1]=1025 , DI[2]=1026, DI[3]=1027......and so on,

    so IF i have to "ON" DI signal , which of the below is correct.




    Please Answer.

    Thank you for earlier clarification

    1. How to define the range?
    2. Can start point be any number or should be from the defined range?
    3.Can different range can have same start point?

    In one Program.


    I/O Digital in Config.
    1. DI[1-320] 33 2 1025
    2. DI[321-448] 81 1 1
    3. DI[449-512] 0 0 0
    4. DI[513-528] 82 1 1

    Please Answer.

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