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    I am working with an "old" Kawasaki, it is from 1999, is a palletizer robot and the model is C43D-001.

    this robot has an ethernet port so I have been able to connect through it using the KCwinTCP, without issues.

    my intention is to make a remote connection, just for diagnose. Is that possible?

    I have been trying to connect to it using a modem (not connected to internet, just using it as a switch) and I can't even ping it.

    I am pretty new with those robots so any help will be welcome.

    Hi Guys,
    I have been working with this cell and I am able to make the test run, I can record it but the quality of the image is really poor.
    Does someone know how to increase this .AVI quality?
    In the Run Panel I can't choose the option about how to record it.

    thanks!! :):)