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    I just noticed the reply, the notification e-mail must've been sent to spam...

    It is a full licence, but the files needed for connecting and running the on-line control aren't included in the install file, they have to be added separately on the robot. A server application is needed which is run on the robot control unit and handles the communication with RoboDK. Also a .src program (that I didn't have) which is a continuous loop run on the robot that executes RoboDK commands.

    I received it later and it works nicely. Right now I'm struggling a bit trying to find a way to call programs stored on the robot from within RoboDK. I tried it a few weeks ago before the robot went to KUKA for service and I remember it working nicely, but now for some reason I get no response when calling other programs from the robot and can't get it to work...


    I'm trying to setup our Agilus robot to be able to program it online with RoboDK. I've been following all the steps on their web site and everything is working as described, but I have one problem. To operate the robot using RoboDK the file "RoboDKsynch.src" is required and I can't find it anywhere... It was supposed to be supplied, but I've looked through all the RoboDK folders on my drive and couldn't find any .src files. I've also looked everywhere on the web page and I can't seem to find a download link either...

    Anyone knows where to find that program or has one and can send it to me?


    We're using an Agilus R900 sixx with a KRC4 controller running KSS 8,3 and I was wondering is there a way to use the ABC World tool orientation calibration method along with a program? Or, even better, if it's possible to call the calibration steps within a program?

    We are using using a stereovision camera setup for checking the robot position and later swap it with a probe and I'd like to eliminate the human part in probe calibration as much as possible. We already have a way of tracking the probe tip with the cameras and they constantly feed the relative deviation from the camera centre point to the robot for position correction. Now I'd like to use the cameras to measure the three points needed for ABC World tool calibration method either before starting the calibration and then input them (or repeat the positions) during the calibration process or, even better if possible, call the camera/robot correction steps inside the program.

    Is it possible to do something like that directly in the control unit or would I have to recreate the calibration method externally and then input only the tool rotation angles back to the control unit?

    This is my first post, please forgive me if I'm breaking any of the rules I haven't yet come across.