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    bas(#tool,1) ;set tool

    bas(#base,1) ; set base

    bas(#vel_cp,1) ; set lin speed

    bas(#vel_ptp,10) ;set ptp speed

    bas(#acc_cp,10) ; set max acceleration lin

    bas(#acc_ptp,10) ; set max acceleration ptp

    $apo.cptp=100 ;

    $apo.cdis=100 ;

    ptp $pos_act ; replacement first ptp move

    ;your code:

    posRel = {x 0, y 0, z 0, a 0, b 0, c 0}

    posRel.x = 50

    lin_REL posRel

    I'm sorry, i fit.
    But the speed of measuring the sensor 0.05 m/min, or 0.83 mm/s. When the response from the fastest input is 125 microseconds and the sensor's response 0.33 milliseconds, the robot will go little, but with a response of 100 times more (12ms), he will pass as little as 10 microns, and a mistake touchsens up to 10 millimeters in one of the planes, and in others it may not even be.

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