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    Moi taas,

    Uusi ura robottiohjelmoijana vei minut vuosina 2018 - 2019 ABB Marine & Portsin latausrobottiprojektiin Juutinrauman salmelle.

    ABB konvertoi paikallisen varustamon kaksi autolauttaa sähkövoimakäyttöisiksi, ja lauttojen ajoakkujen lataus on automatisoitu.

    Laiturien neljässä lataustornissa on kussakin ABB:n IRB 760 -robotti, joka kytkee latauskaapelit kiinni lauttaan.

    Robottiohjelman alkuperäinen pääarkkitehti oli Keijo H. ABB Roboticsilta, jolle suuri kiitos ja kunnia perusteellisesta ohjelmointityöstä :thumbs_up:

    Oheisen linkin takana on DEIF:n mainosvideo projektiin liittyen (robotitkin vilahtavat kuvissa pari kertaa).

    Jari V.

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    Hi everybody,

    We are looking for a used SCARA for fast paced assembly work. The range of the arm should be about 800 mm.

    We would prefer to get the arm as well as the controller and all the necessary devices (without the gripper) as a complete package at one time. Naturally, the device should be in good working condition.

    Please send the possible offers or hints as a private message.

    Yours sincerely,


    As the title says,

    We are selling an used Motoman robot arm (YR-SK6-C010) together with YASNAC MRC control unit (ERCS-SK6-ME00).

    The robot arm has a payload of 6 kg, and it has been used in handling of plastic molding products.

    The model year of both the arm and the controller is 1999.

    The equipment is located in the Southern Finland.


    EDIT 2017-10-02: The robot has been sold. :merci:

    Hi everybody,

    We have been using the IRB 1200/5 + IRC5 compact combination for a simple pick & place application with
    payloads that the arm can easily handle ( << 5 kg).

    Now we are considering to attach, on a temporary basis only, a heavier tool (ca. 10 kg) on the robot arm,
    not on the tool flange but on the "upper arm", i.e. the attachment point with two M4 screw holes near the axis 4.
    We might alternatively use a separate fastening bracket for the tool which will be "wrapped" around the arm.

    I checked the documentation and I was amazed when I learned that the maximum allowed load for that attachment point was only 0.3 kg,
    considering that the specified payload for the whole arm is 5 kg.

    I asked from the ABB Maintenance about this and at least they did not forbid me from trying it, as long as the movement speeds are slow.
    They said that mechanically nothing should break down. In case of an overload, a torque limiter stops the arm movement.

    So, before I proceed with this, I would like to hear from similar experiences :smiling_face:


    Jari V.

    Moi vaan,

    [uusi postausyritys]

    Olen aloittelemassa uutta uraa (toivon mukaan) robottiohjelmoinnin parissa.

    Koulutus käsitteli pääasiassa ABB:n robotteja. Nyt myös on ehtinyt kertyä
    jo jonkin verran kokemusta niiden parissa touhuamisesta.

    EDIT 2018-01-24: Nyttemmin myös Universal-robotti tullut tutummaksi, SICKin konenäöllä.

    T. Jari V.
    P. S. Otan mielelläni vinkkejä vastaan avoinna olevista työmahdollisuuksista robottien parissa :merci:

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