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    Thank you for your response. I found on GT's manual that it is compatible with Sys 6000 but did not have an opportunity to ever do this integration on Kuka before. The same on Fanuc was fairly simple analog signal scaling, how are analog signals scaled/calibrated on Kuka robots? Does GT provide options for mapping the analog outs?

    Hello everyone,

    I am going to start a project where I have to integrate KR 210 2700-2 (KRC4) with SCA Sys 6000 dispensing system using Gluetech 4.4.

    I would like to know if there is anyone who has done this before and could provide a project for reference or if there are pointers I should consider while doing this project.




    Can the deadman switch enable the servo axis even if the general stop conditions are not met?

    If I have e-stop circuit connected to the general stop conditions (GS1 & GS2), would I be able to start the robot in manual mode by pressing on to the deadman enable switch even when the e-stop is pressed?

    Thank you

    Hello everyone,

    I am at a customer's site where they need me to set up password protection for calibration of robot. I have no clue if it's possible or even how to do it. The robot serial no. is 6700-107908 and the installed robotware version is
    Can anyone please give me an idea of how to it or any examples would be highly appreciated. :help: :help: :help: :help:


    Hello everyone,

    I need manuals for communication setup of ABB 6600-175/2.55 Type M2000, I couldn't find it anywhere online and I am new to ABB robots, how do I setup LAN IP address of the robot cpu to communicate with my laptop?
    Any help is much appreciated.

    Thank you :help: :help: :help: :help:

    Need help with this error. I installed the option package from KUKA robot controller so I am guessing this is not wrong. But I had the latest version of WoV which was not compatible with the controller so I uninstalled it and installed the one which came with the controller. I don't know what can be done to resolve this issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    I have a problem when I use UDP_RECEFROM command to store and decode a udp message.
    I try to send a string of Hex code like "00 0a 02 ff" to E-controller robot via UDP. The Hex code is sent from another machine to tell the robot something based on its message rules.
    The issue is the received string can only recognize ASCII characters, like "a","A","1" etc. The other bytes which not equal to characters are saved incorrectly.
    When I send "41 42 43 44", the robot received "ABCD". len($rcv)=4; asc($mid($rcv,1,1))=65; asc($mid($rcv,2,1))=66; asc($mid($rcv,3,1))=67; asc($mid($rcv,4,1))=68; They are correct.

    When I send "01 02 41 42", the robot received "". Length of string=4; asc($mid($rcv,1,1))=0; asc($mid($rcv,2,1))=0; asc($mid($rcv,3,1))=0; asc($mid($rcv,4,1))=0; They are incorrect. :wallbash:
    So how can I get the correct message ? or is there a way to decode the correct message byte by byte from the string ?

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