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    Is there a way to easily convert a .LS extension file to a .TP file extension?

    I'm creating a program with RobotMaster software. It uses a the .LS extension. I'm trying to store it on the controller through the "R798 DRAM file storage" to a flash drive in the UD1 slot, however it will only recognize a .TP file.

    Sorry, I meant to say 0.4mm, not 0.04mm

    The robot has repeatability of 0.2mm consistently. However, when I give it a hard number move, such as 1500mm in X or Y, it overshoots the mark by about 1.0mm. I've tried playing around with the payload settings, but it doesn't seam to make any real difference.

    If I teach point-to-point, It hits the target every time, no matter how fast the speed %.

    Does anyone know if there is a encoder offset to compensate for the pulse to linear motion discrepancy? That is why I'm looking for a qualified technician.

    I'm looking for a Fanuc service technician in the Western Washington state area. I need someone that's specialized in precision machine tool accuracy, not just pick-and-place ballpark accuracy. All the techs I've had so far haven't had any experience with robotic machine tools.

    I have a PDS Dyna-Loc high speed spindle mounted on a R2000iA/165 arm with a RJ3iB controller. I need to maintain the accuracy to around 0.04mm. Right now I'm getting 1.0mm.

    If you now a good one, give me a shout.

    I have a high speed spindle mounted 90deg as an end effector. I've set the X,Y,Z,W,P,R for one of the cutters TCP. Will I be able to change just the "X" value, and keep the same Y,Z,W,P,R for the different cutter lengths, or will I have to re-calibrate for each tool, even though the only thing that has changed is the length of the tool.

    Jay Deibell

    I have a Fanuc R2000iA arm with a R-J3iB controller, w/5000hrs on it.
    What is the best tracking I can hope for in a linear move?
    I programmed a 6’ linear Y move. It runs out about .030” midpoint. Can the axis drive interpolation be adjusted to true up the movement?