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    Looking for some information on this. Trying to figure out the best way to integrate a keyence LJ Laser profiler to a fanuc robot. We have an allen bradley plc talking over ethernet to the robot. I would assume we would bring the laser to the AB then send the data to fanuc. We are wanting to do seam tracking with this setup but don't really know where to put the data and where to implement it. I know Fanuc has a servo-robot interface where all this is spelled out but I don't think we can use this or can we? Has anyone ever implemented anything like this with success? I know it's possible to do but just can't find any manual or information in manuals that help.

    I'm wanting to add a rail to an R30ib robot. I'd like it to be coordinated if possible. What software options will I need to do this.

    I seen there is a rail unit option and didn't know if this was what I needed along with coordinated motion pkg. Thanks for the help

    Is there a way to create a macro program and run it in background logic to jog group 2 of the robot. So I have a cell with 2 Headstocks and I want to be able to jog the headstock that isn't running to make it easier to load parts. I know there is an option called detached jog but before I go down that road I wanted to get some input on here. Thanks

    Thanks for the reply! That's kinda what I was thinking on the whole situation. Since i'm going to have daul robots I was wanting to do a multiarm set up. What equipment is needed for that? Obviously the software options but on the hardware side is an Optic cable all i need for the FSSB? Thanks

    Hope all is well I’m needing a few suggestions on an upcoming build. I have dual robot setup with two in feeding conveyors (built like rtu’s on linear slides and gear rack). My question is it will have 3 positions on each conveyor (load, weld, and unload) what would be my best option in all the experience of everyone on here for conveying the parts in and out of the weld cell. 1 - setting up multiple groups for each conveyor and using fanuc servo motors. 2 - Use an external servo system and send digital outputs to control movement. I know it’s person preference but just looking at pitfalls of each or if someone has some suggestion that’s even more simple. Thanks in advance!

    Thanks for the help i really appreciate it. I have tried using the same IP and i have the ethernet port set up as and it didn't work. I did read that you cant use the same subnet mask on both ports so thats why i change it to the

    I contacted fanuc and they asked if i had Option R 507 ASCII Upload Option. I'll check that tomorrow also. I have seen people on here get them to connect so really I just wanted a fresh set of eyes on it to see if my setup looked ok.

    If i cant get this to work i may just end up going with a safety controller that can handle it all.

    Here is a picture of the ethernet ip config screen. I have the connection enabled here. When i try to ping from this screen I get an error at the bottom that says invalid host

    I'll have to double check but i know port 2 which is the Linconln welder ethernet port is and subnet mask is

    Help Needed!

    So I have have looked at about every post on this forum about Ethernet ip setup and have set it up on a Kawasaki robot no problem.

    I am trying to ethernet/ip connect to an automation direct PLC P1000 as I mentioned I have done this with the exact same model plc with a Kawasaki robot.

    My robot is and Arcmate 120ic R30 ia controller with Arclink Ethernet (Port 2)

    I have set up the Host communication and am getting a successful ping to the plc ethernet port but I am not getting any communication on the ethernet ip side. I also have tried a generic client in the plc and have used a Fanuc ESD file. Along with that i have tried several different IP addresses and subnet mask addresses. I have attached pictures of the setup in the robot and plc. I'm sure that i am missing something but for the life of me i cant figure this one out. Thanks for any help anyone could provide!

    Also the reason I am wanting to do this is for some UOP and Digital signals so i can control through an HMI.

    Also on the Client I have tried using and still no connection and all different types of 1d Arrays 16-32 with no luck

    Yes we are using the RPS_ON and RPS_ST in the PLC. We have it set up right now to set programs in que while it is running. We have some other brands that we use and they have all this set up already. On the Kawasaki we have made this with a ton of ladder logic. I have been trying to think of the easiest way for our customers to program and operate the robot. We are going to use Block Teaching just for it's simplicity and we are setting up the RPS on the HMI for 9 Programs and anything else they can just run one at a time. The RPS was a good decision because they can just name the program PG1 and so on and it's already set up in the PLC to run. We also made it where the PG start buttons on the HMI are definable so the button says PG1 and above the button there is a text box to put what part or fixture number it is. We will use an HMI on everything we sell so the initial setup has been tough but with help form ppl like you it hasn't been near as hard!!

    We are using block programming currently. We are just setting this up for future projects. We ended up making it work with the dedicated output signals. We found out that the lights are just like the rps signals. So you designate what the start signal is and how many after that and they act just like the rps.

    i'm using rps with a PLC and HMI. I'm wanting to send an output while PG0 -PG1 and so on is running. Is there a way to do that? This is just simply for indicator lights on the hmi that are tied to the RPS buttons. Thanks

    I am new to Kawasaki robots I have a lot of experience with Fanuc and other brands. It seems Kawasaki is a totally different breed! I am wanting to call programs by sending an input signal to the robot probably though rps. My questions is if i have 3 stations will it put the program into que if i hit that station start button or will I have to wait for the program to finish station 1 and then cycle start station 2? What is my best way to accomplish this? Thanks

    Every time I Start my robot it says configuration menu selected and i have to select cold start. I have did a controlled start and hit the function key-Hot start to try to get it out of the loop. Is there a system variable that I can change to change this? Thanks

    Is there a way through bg logic to mimic the fault reset and cycle start buttons on the uop? Setting up a simple cell and I just want those two buttons on the front of it. I want to still be able to select the program like in local mode.

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