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    Thank you roulv for the clarification, haven't heard of Cartesian positioning accuracy before and it doesn't explain the issue very well.
    Shame that Flexpicker don't have the Absolute accuracy option.

    If I were to generate a map of Cartesian Position vs Actual Position, will it be possible to put it back within the software for corrections?

    Or is there alternative ways to improve Cartesian Positioning Accuracy? that could be implemented ourselves or using 3rd parties (vision, external calibration...)

    Thank you SharplesR for the response,
    We've tried that and when at each of those locations the angle given is different, it is now going to be re-calibrated using a ring.

    Is there any other form of calibration possible?

    We are getting XY coordinates from CAD to Pick and Place shapes with rotation also, with the aim to do stack ups of those parts in the future.
    At the moment if we tell the robot to go X500 and Y500 for example, it will be off by about 0.2-0.8mm at random over the total area (in our case 1600mm), it's not repeatable either to the 0.1mm given in ABB spec.

    Couple of questions:
    Is this the best it can do in terms of position Accuracy? or is there alternate add-ons to give it a better position accuracy?

    Let say it is the wrong robot for the job, original specification is Position Accuracy 0.1mm, which Robot type would be able to achieve that?

    Thank you for any comments or advice

    New to robots, I'm trying to use an IRB360 and control though XY coordinates given.
    It doesn't move or the correct coordinates.
    Is it possible to calibrate the robot? If so how?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated