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    Does anyone happen to know what the part number is for the keys for a KRC2 and a KRC4? My company is looking to order a few sets for our programmers and purchasing is asking for part numbers.

    Is TorchClean being called with a Style number from the PLC or are you running based on some code in the robot? If it's from the robot we're going to need to see your code to be able to figure out what you've got going on with this.

    Best advice I can give you is to bury yourself in manuals and find someone who knows what they are doing so they can teach you on the job. That's how I learned. If you really want to you can go to the ABB courses or KUKA college.

    SkyeFire is correct you need to run separate payloads one without part and one with part and then use the correct load data accordingly. The only exception to this is if your part is rather light then you can get away with not having a separate load data.

    Iowan already asked this but is it both robots at the same time? If so it is most likely a PLC issue where the Motors on bit isn't being reset after a light screen is cleared for instance. If it is one robot at a time I've seen issues like this arise from EPS and Joint Speed Errors on these.