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    What i have for sale cheep

    -Complete UP130 XRC Robot, Controller, Teach Pendent. Was set up for spot welding. (Powers up and gets servo power) $4500

    -UP165 Robot only (Complete and undamaged, but untested) $1000

    -about 2 robots worth of up130 used motors with encoders $400 each with 30day guarantee

    -UP130 servo pack $600 30 day guarantee

    -Complete K10 MRC ArcWorld 1000 Welding Robot, Controller, Teach Pendent, Welder,(Powers up and gets servo power) this robot comes with a complete backup on a CD. $3000

    -Complete UP6 XRC 2001 welding robot, controller, pendent, welder (currently set up and welding parts daily) this robot comes with a complete backup on a CD. $10,000

    I have a UP130 manipulator with XRC controller and the U -axis keeps getting serial encoder battery alarms. The battery's are fine and tested at 3.6V. Replaced them anyways and have same problem. This isn't a continuous issue. It may run for 8 hours or run for 1 hour but it does come back. So I found a thread where someone said they replaced the motor and that fixed the issue and another person said it was the wiring harness. So I would like to replace the motor first since it is much easier but I don't have a working motor in stock. I have a U- axis motor that we took off from another robot, same motor numbers, but the power lead connector is broken off of it. that's why we replaced it, it still worked fine and encoder is good. So what I'm wondering is can I take the encoder off this spare motor and put it on the motor I'm having encoder faults on? and if so does anyone have a procedure or advice?


    If you need a good used complete motor let me know. i got about 2 robots worth of used motors off up130's and a complete up165 robot and a complete up130 robot with matching controller. We have no used for these large robots and are trying to sell off cheep. We got all this at an auction about a year ago with other smaller robots we did want( a UP6, EA1400, UP20 and a K10 ArcWorld 1000).

    I know this works with xrc. you can open up the teach pendent and just unplug the beeper. not sure if this works with the nx and dx since i have yep to take one of these pendents apart . also i remember seeing the option to turn the tech beep off somewhere in the setup menus.

    i just recently had to deal with this same problem with the same robot model. Turned out that the robots battery had died(the one under the cover in the base of the robot). To fix it, we jumper the motor over night to reset the encoder (in your case i believe its the U motor). At this point we were able to get the robot to boot up. So we changed the robots battery and reset the home position and its been running without any problems ever since.

    Hope this helps

    So one of our up6 robots came equipped with a kobelco welder, which is a complete POS. We recently acquired a complete miller invision 2 setup at an auction ( ie welder, wire feeder, programming pendent, and welder to feeder cable). Everything but the weldco cable (from the welder to robot). Assuming i can get the weldco cable made, what else will i need to do this? I have a feeling that my current welding board is not going to support the miller welder (JANCD-XEW01), but i have yet to get this confirmed. if this is in fact the case, what will i need as far as electronic components to get this swap done?

    So jumpering the t axis motor overnight did the trick, the robot is back up and running, no alarms and no low battery warning. so what could have caused this to happen out of the blue, for what appears to be, for no reason at all?

    so fired up the good ol ERC today to do some training and got a error message saying make abs data (see attached screen shot) the problem is in sv2 - 3 which i believe is the t axis. the robot was running fine when we shut it off last Friday. Could my robot battery have died,i would think the robot battery dieing would effect all the axis and not just one. i currently have the T motor jumpered to try to get it to reset. if that does not work any ideas on where to go next. also can i test the robot battery with out effecting the other 5 axis that are still working? and yes, i know this robot is old, we keep it around for training purposes and sometimes use it for overflow from time to time.

    I have been playing with the idea of joining a up6 xrc welding robot with a up130 xrc handling robot we have. I have seen this done but in not sure what all is involved and what hardware i will need. what i would like to achieve is controlling both robots from a single teach pendent using the up130 as a slave to the up6 welder with synchronized motion. the up 6 already has the synchronized motion option and is currently equipped with dual positioned that will get removed when the up130 gets added. anyone ever done anything like this and know what all is involved and needed.

    since these parts are NOT cheep, i have a running ea1400, can i swap the wrca boards between robots to see if the problem stays with the up6 or if it fallows the wrca board to the ea1400. will swapping the wrca boards out be plug and play or will i mess up by abs data and have to remaster the robot? or would i be better off swapping the amplifiers out and leaving the wrca boards with there robots. i dont want to mess up my abs data on the ea1400 and risk both my robots being down.

    so i am working on a up6 xrc 2001 that has been giving us intermittent alarm 4306, amplifier read signal error on axis L. i can reset the alarm, restart the servo power and the robot will work fine again, some times for a few minutes, sometimes it will run for the rest of the day with no more alarms. i would like to get this figured out and fixed before the robot craps out all together, but not sure where to start.

    Hi i am new to this forum. So i just got a used ea1400 xrc 2001 robot with a 2 axis positioner (MPD500-A03). this is also my first time working with a robot with a positioner. The problem i am having is i can move the positioned and the robot. But when i run my program back the positioner does nothing, it just stays where ever it was last moved to. i need to robot and the positioner moments to be synchronized as i am welding automotive suspension control arms and i need the robot and the positioner to move together as i need it to wrap the arms with one continuous weld all the way around the tubes. Is something not set up correctly or is it user error. Any help would be much appreciated.

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