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    Thank you all for your replies.

    VDm, I would prefer not to modify the KONI drivers, unless forced, and stay with the KUKA options. But if you can post some screenshot whenever you can, it would be most appreciated.

    I hope that the KUKA.OptionalNetworkInterface will do the trick for me. After all, it was recommended to us by the Kuka Service... I don't have much faith in them anyway, since they hadn't even told me about the Kuka.DirectoryLoader (which is really necessary if you want to automatically import KRL files from a shared folder inside the R1/Programs automatically and without errors) and I had to find out myself (in this forum)...

    The problem we have is that the final customer want to physically separate (different switches) the Profinet and the pure ethernet for transferring files. How can you do this with only the KLI?

    Thank you for your replies, but I don't get it yet...

    If the KONI is only for vision applications, what is the purpose of the KUKA.OptionalNetworkInterface software add-on? The manual of this package states:

    The KONI (KUKA.OptionalNetworkInterface) is a physical interface of the robot controller for non-real-time communication to and from the outside world. It is suitable, for example, for creating or loading backups. The software package KUKA.OptionalNetworkInterface is required for activating and configuring the physical interface.

    Also, the manual states that if you have KUKA.VisionTech you cannot install KUKA.OptionalNetworkInterface and viceversa...

    Seems to me that you can use the KONI for transferring files to the KRC4... what do you think?

    Hi Guys!

    Controller KRC4 Compact, KSS 8.6, KUKA.OptionalNetworkInterface 3.0 and KUKA.DirectoryLoader 3.0

    I would need to ask you for a simple question.

    We want to configure this controller with 2 separate network (2 different IP adresses), using both KLI and KONI

    The first network will go with the KLI. We will communicate with a PLC by Profinet. So far so good.

    For the SECOND Network, we would like to use the KONI, in order to share a folder with an external PC. The PC will send to the shared folder KRL files (produced with a CAD/CAM software), then the robot will take them with Kuka.DirectoryLoader

    Have we thought about it correctly or maybe we have to think it differently?

    Thank you very much for your time

    Hello guys,

    I would need an advice to clear a doubt i have.

    In the next few months we will probably acquire a KR10 R1420 Cybertech NANO, paired with a KRC4 Smallsize controller

    There won't be any additional axes, only the robot itself.

    I downloaded all documentation I could, and the KRC4 Smallsize specification manual states this power requirements:

    Rated supply voltage AC 3x380 V, AC 3x400 V, AC 3x440 V or AC 3x480 V

    Direct connection with grounded neutral

    Rated supply voltage tolerance ±10%

    Rated connected load 3.30 kVA

    Short circuit current rating 5 kA

    System impedance ≤ 300 mΩ

    Ground leakage current -

    Mains-side fusing 3x 32 A, slow-blowing

    Mains-side fusing without drive box 3x 16 A, slow-blowing

    Mains frequency 49 ... 61 Hz

    So far so good, except that the total power rating of the 6 Robot motors is around 5.11 KW

    I'm quite sure that the Robot will never use all the motors at maximum power at the same time, but anyway I don't understand why the controller seems "underpowered" with only 3.3 KVA

    How much power I have to guarantee in order to be sure that the robot will work properly?

    Thank You for your time