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    I have DX200 controller and i connect it via Ethernet to HMI. I want to read alarm codes and reason it. Are there any variable or register to see them?


    I want to define user alarm in DX200 controller. In Mitsubishi robot there are a section for define it. you can define "code" and " message" for alarm and use in program. for example i define alarm code 9110 and use in my program same as bellow:

    IF PVTR>100 then alarm 9110 (PVTR is a variable)

    How can i do this in DX200?

    You must use relative job and convert your job to user frame 1 and after that you can call it in user frame 2 and for other user frame for each pallet. Please see leative job function manual for more information.

    are there any manual for use system variable?

    for example i know $px000 is current posithion (in pulse) but i don't know about $px011 or $px012 or other system variable.

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    I connect cognex camera to DX200 via Ethernet. i set all parameter in DX200 and setting in PC and camera. i write a job for take picture and get position of workpice that is in below of camera. i give trigger to camera with Vstart instruction and camera get picture very good but after that it must send data to controller but it couldn't. it must send x and y to P101 variable in DX200 and angle to R90 but it couldn't. i think it is because of cognex job and communication protocol in it. i don't know what protocol i must use. in in-sight software there are Ethernet protocol for mitsubishi, ABB, Kuka but there aren't for motoman. only i can see for serial motoman ot for Ethernet motoman. what is problem that i couldn't get position of workpiec in DX200?
    my controller is DX200
    variable for result in DX200 : P110 for X and Y, R90 for Angle , B90 for detection workpiece
    Camera is : In-sight 5400
    job name is: 8test

    my job in DX200:
    VSTART FIND=8 MD=1 VF#(1)

    with above job i can send trigger to camera and it take picture but couldn't send data to DX200.

    thank you

    How can i check CMOS.bin file have problem or not or there are in my controller. because when i turn on controller it only show me setup screen.

    What is means of code on cpu NX100 segments? For example i have a problem to my controller and i see H and 5 on cpu 7-segment.what means it?