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    1. ah, it runs with this box directly. I didn't check the settings.

    then i tried to use a command to turn it 90 degrees. That was the reason why i took a deeper look at this problem.

    So it had no error when it first arrived.

    1. So what are saying about command to turn 90 degrees - What does this mean?

    The Serial no. plays no part in software, it does not matter that they don't match.

    But when you send images showing different serial no.s, it tells me this is not as supplied from manufacture.

    Your error is clearly stating robot model and servo mismatch.

    Therefore they need to match.

    What happens when you select no. 7?

    Can you manually move the robot joints to all the scribe lines, if so provide a picture of it?

    Obtain a file save and post it here if it does not compromise any company IP?

    Welcome to the Forum..........:beerchug:

    1FH board is an 8 channel analog input board.

    This is an optional board and if you have purchased it, you should have been supplied with the manual.

    Have you contacted Kawasaki for this manual?

    If you contact your local Kawasaki distributor, they should be able to provide it for you.

    As I'm such a nice guy, I have attached the manual for you.

    That does not make sense.

    Rating Plate on Arm states it is UX150.

    Robot Model says it is UX150

    According to TP image, SV is set for UX100 and UX120 and not UX150.

    This is why error is produced and will never work with current configuration.

    UX120 and UX150 are different Arms completely, may look the same, but are not.

    Why would you need to change anything if Controller and Arm supplied as working unit?

    You have been mis-sold system.

    What is history, and how did you obtain?

    So Controller is not original pairing with Robot Arm as Serial No's are not the same.

    Problem is because:

    - Robot Model does not match installed SV firmware.

    When you carry out ZROBOT, what Robot Model listing is made available to choose from?

    This maybe the factor that you have used the trial version previously on the PC etc.

    I'm only speculating though as personally I have only installed a trial license once, then I got a licensed version.

    So I wouldn't know what happens if using a trial version, uninstalling/wiping/restoring, the effects it could have, but like I said, could be a factor in this.

    The only option would be a complete reinstall of the OS when you get the new version.

    I'd be eager to see if someone see's your thread over the weekend who may have some alternative advice.

    Well it does seem local to your PC then, short of starting to dig into registry, graphics settings etc, I think you'd get to a point receiving messages of:...try this, try this and try this and becoming frustrated.

    Get hold of a newer revision and go from there.

    Just out of curiosity, have you installed/used this previously on the PC or is it a virtual machine, I noticed it is a trial version?

    With your selected version in your video, a default robot is loaded R-2000iB/165F.

    If you leave that model selected what happens?

    What happens if you do a complete shutdown of the PC and reboot (not restart), and then open it up again?

    Troubleshooting around older versions (I appreciate you mention other PC's, but all PC's are not the same), when newer versions are available is not really advisable and I suspect if you speak to Fanuc regarding this problem, the first they would do is recommend the latest version.

    Try the above out and see if it repeats itself.

    If someone else here can replicate this issue with your version, it maybe easier to troubleshoot, but the chances of that I think are very slim.

    the FRVC 7.3 came with the installation folder the school provided. i used the exact same folder on the other pc and on that pc it works.

    This is my point.....they maybe version mismatches.

    If the school are providing a 'self made' copy and not an official one from Fanuc, who knows what mismatched information could be on there.

    I may be wrong, but I don't believe this an actual software issue, except for trial version/version mismatches.

    I am sure you can request for free a latest trial version of Roboguide.

    Here in the UK you can make a request for it via here, just simple email request:

    Intelligent offline 3D robot simulation with ROBOGUIDE (

    For sure.......exactly as described...........

    I am wondering if FRVC 7.3 was part of the initial installation, or is there a possibility that it came from a later version/revision of Roboguide.

    Have you tried other FRVC versions (an older one/latest one) within your Roboguide and do you get the same results?

    It would make sense to obtain a more recent version of Roboguide, as opposed to maybe trying to resolve this with an older version.

    Mechanical Parameters are used to set the physical distance the gun can move.

    This is set by mantissa and exponent to set resolution for encoder bits/distance.

    When this is set, you then limit the distance by setting upper/lower values for gun to operate during opening and closing.

    Depending on your 'motion direction' setting, will depend on whether your upper/lower are positive/negative values.

    These parameters will be explicit to the motor/gearbox/coupling/encoder of the servo gun they are fitted to, therefore the supplier would have these data sheets prepared and entered during the installation and commissioning of the gun.

    You said that someone else had already set this up for you in a different thread.

    This is set when you attach the servo gun and set the initial parameters from the servo gun suppliers datasheet.

    Like what Alexandru mentioned.

    All Kawasaki arms can have different revision numbers (2nd part of the Model No.).

    Kawasaki produce specific spares catalogues for these revisions.

    If you contact your local distributor with the Model and Serial No., they will ensure you get the relevant manual.