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    That's not the Teach Screen......

    To be clear:

    - You are only using a 1TW board and no 1UR board (this is removed yes).

    - You are not intending on using KLOGIC?

    Your file save will need the file extension changing from .as to .txt first.

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    Does the controller display a No 1 IO board error on power up?

    Is the 1TW address set correctly on the 1TW board?

    What is Aux 0611 set to?

    Do you have general fieldbus enabled, If so, you may need to allocate local signals.

    As Cubic S is a safety device, it is recommended to attend a training course to ensure full understanding of setup, functionality and operational characteristics.

    What I will tell you is, you will learn more by viewing the rung status's of:

    - Monitoring State.

    - Motion Area Monitoring.

    - Any allocated User Safety Output will be allocated to the 'monitoring result' contact.

    A simple test of functionality is below........This is just a demonstration.

    1. Set selected monitored area (x) as prohibited (example below).

    2. Then set motion area common settings (below I am also monitoring for points on arm/segments).

    3. After updating Cubic S Parameters, open up the monitoring state and motion area monitoring.

    - Move the robot so that any of your monitored points can move in and out of the area.

    - You will see the 'result' toggle on and off as you do.

    4. Simply set the User Safety Output (x) for selected area (x) and update Cubic S Parameters.

    5. Now jog the robot in and out of the area and the User Safety Output will toggle the 'result' state.

    The example is set as a 'Selective Prohibited Area', BUT has not been allocated a User Safety Input.

    Therefore, it is not actually preventing motion into the area, only monitoring for it.

    You can see (by way of the 'result' or User Safety Output) if it is in the area or not.

    6. The final test is to allocate a User Safety Input to the Selected Area to control the Selected Function.

    - This would then be a Selected Prohibited Area based on the User Safety Input.

    - When the User Safety Input is ON, the contact in the rung is disabled.

    - The 'monitored result' would then directly break the rung and turn off 'Motivity Shutoff'

    - This would then produce a Cubic S stop event based on the 'monitored result'.

    - Thus turning it into a Selected Prohibited Area by way of a User Safety Input.

    7. If the allocated User Safety Input was OFF, then the contact would be on.

    - Thus turning the Selected Prohibited Area into an unmonitored area.

    This is installed firmware from broken robot:

    A1B0N-YC34 2001.01.10 (UX100/UX120-E001)

    This is installed firmware from your working UX150:

    A1B0N-YG33 2001.01.10 (UX150-C001)

    You need to change SV on your broken robot to:

    A1B0N-YG33 2001.01.10 (UX150-C001)

    This cannot be done just by loading backup from one robot to another.

    Like I said, it is wrong, it has wrong SV firmware in.

    If seller sold you this as working, IT IS NOT and they need :waffen100: or :AR15firing:

    You have UX150 Arm, your SV says UX100/UX120.....This is wrong.

    Just by loading another backup from another robot does not change SV Firmware.

    SV Firmware needs special file loading using special procedure.

    You should never take backup from another robot and load it onto another, even if appear the same, could be very unsafe and cause damage, injury or harm.

    You need PCMCIA card and file to change SV Firmware.

    Have you PCMICA card (32Mb or 16Mb)?

    Can you please tell me if:

    1. If you made backup when it arrived, before you made changes?

    - Can you provide.

    2. If you have replaced SV firmware using PCMCIA card and SV firmware file?

    - If so where did you obtain from?

    3. You have just loaded backup from one controller in over top of existing data of this controller?