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    Minulla on Asea IRB L6/2, jota yritän saada toimintakuntoon. Ei varsinaisesti mihinkään tarkoitukseen, vaan jossain vaiheessa luultavasti museoin sen.
    Ennen sitä aion kuintenkin mielenkiinnon vuoksi tehdä sillä jotakin puolihyödyllistä.
    Jos jollakulla on tietoa tuosta vempeleestä ja varsinkin tietokoneliitännästä sarjaportin kautta, niin olisin kiinnostunut ohjekirjan kopioinnista ( lupaan siitä kahvirahaa tms.)

    I never thought of using a camera, I will have to try my DSLR and see if they are readable.

    I have a 3½" drive for an S2 if you're interested?. It's been sitting on a shelf for 10 years and was working when removed, but I can't guarantee it. You are welcome to it for the cost of postage & packing.

    That would make my project much much easier, so huge thanks for the offer, and yes I could most certainly use it.
    So, let's exhange the details privately?

    I tried uploading the S2 error codes but got "The upload folder is full. Please try a smaller file and/or contact an administrator." :icon_frown:

    Power for the 5.25" floppy drives is usually both 5V & 12V and comes from the DSMC110 Floppy Interface board.
    Be careful handling the disk drive, the plastic parts are getting brittle after 30 years!!

    I'll keep trying to upload the error code manual. Look in Manuals, Software and Tools for ABB Robots. I posted other IRB6 manuals there in 05/2009.

    Thanks ( I was really happy to find those and I have already printed them).
    For problems with large files I would suggest using one of these (if rules here allow):

    I have programming manual for S2 but it's in finnish, so I guess there's not many people who could find it usefull (but I'll share it if anyone wishes).

    What size disc drive are you using?, 3½" or 5¼"

    There are about 20 pages of error messages, I will try to find time to scan them.

    Sadly it's a 5¼ (a 3½ one would be easier to use and replace).

    I would be really grateful for the scans ( if you have a camera with enough resolution, pictures are usually readable and they are much faster to take).

    The error code is - Fault when formatting floppy disk

    Press stop, change disk and try again.

    Thanks for the info.
    I tried that, but with no luck.
    After some thinking I started to suspect it might be a problem with the cabling so I added some leads to the disk drive's power connector.
    There seems to be no power to the disk drive, so it has to be either the cable, or there's something wrong with the power supply.
    I'll try to find the fault when I go back to my lab (well actually it's a garage on our farm ).

    Would you happen to have the complete list of error codes?
    I would be really grateful for a copy ( a simple jpg maybe?)

    I'm getting this error when I try to format a disk.
    I do have the manual, but sadly someone has lost the page with the error codes.
    Could someone please point me to the complete error list (there's bound to be more of them later even if this machine seems to be in good shape).

    Also I would like to connect this to my PC, so a manual for the rs-232 communication would be useful (any language).

    Thanks in advance.

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