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    Hi everyone!

    I've got a question regarding HOLD and STOP activities in KAREL. It is clear they both pause motions. Then the motions can be resumed. But what is the practical difference? Which case shall I use each of them?

    Thanks in advance.

    Hello everyone!

    I've got a question about the External I/O Motion Control of the machine link in FANUC Roboguide. I'm trying to make the simulation controlled by Siemens PLCSIM. The connection between PLCSIM and Roboguide is fine - I can see all defined signals on both sides. But if I'm trying to set up motion animation for the machine link, for example 'OPC1 - TAG1 - ON - 1500mm' - 'OPC1 - TAG1 - OFF - 500mm' it won't move along the machine. In the meantime I have no issues if I'm using Device I/O Controlled motion control (such as DO, RO) - the link moves perfectly along the machine.

    Probably somebody has some experience with that. Maybe some hidden settings.

    Thanks a lot in advance.

    Hi everyone!

    I have a problem with understanding extended sungularity in kuka robots. I really don't understand how does it work. In manual I read:

    I have some question:
    In which positions this singularity might be reached (horizontally, vertically or at all positions when the wrist root point is located in the extension of axes A2 and A3 of the robot )?
    How robot will move, when variable $SINGUL_POS[2] means 0 or 1?

    Regards, sabbonis.