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    Hello ,
    Could you please explain me the RPS function(in details) and where i can make the RPS signal settings. :help: :help: :help:

    ((Controller-T series))
    ((Robot R20N )).

    hlo friends,,
    am using an E controller with BX200L robot for gluing application. now am facing some problem with Slave & robot communication. After the communication I switched ON some output from both side .when I switched on slave output, correspondent input is getting to robot. But in case of robot output if I force then it is not showing in Slave. ...
    this is very strange.. can anybody help in this case. :help: :help:

    (communication protocol-ethernet.)

    sorry actually tool offset is not working.whenever iam making abort i need to do SETIND into 2 from tool i made the changes in the old tool value.
    ( i have no idea why iam getting problem after abort)

    hai friends,
    iam using R30IB controller and M10ia nozzle(tool) height is increased by 100mm so i need to shift my all the please anybody tell me is there any tool offset option.
    robot is wall mounted.