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    Thank you!

    That confirms what I was looking into as how to utilize the fieldbus. The only part I have is the 1JF boards with the slaves.

    I'm going to track down a couple 1GW boards to replace the 1JF boards.

    Thanks for the screen shots with the aux info.

    I have two D series controllers that are equipped with 1JF boards and what I believe are Devicenet slaves.

    I need basic IO, are there any good cost effective solutions to utilize these boards?

    Or should I purchase two 1GW boards and swap them for the 1JF boards.

    What does swapping the 1JF boards for the 1GW boards entail? (I'm assuming there are configuration settings that would need to be changed.)

    I have 3 C Series robots that were originally equipped with 1FS boards in slot one and 1GW boards in slot 2. The robots have been in operation without the 1FS boards. Currently slot one is empty and 1GW on slot 2. Every-time I power on the robots I get the error 565 (RI/O board is not installed), I clear the error and everything is happy. How do I configure the robots without the 1FS board so it doesn't look for it on startup? I tried moving the 1GW board to slot one but that did not solve the problem. Seems like there should be a dip switch or configuration setting but I cant find any info on it.

    Kind of a bad design with the remote grease fitting and the plastic connectors. I'm sure the grease caused the plastic to fail. If anyone ever changes the grease in the J1 gearbox I would put the grease fitting directly in the gearbox or use some SS line and fittings to connect it.

    Thanks for your help! After looking at the parts manual Monday afternoon I was suspect/hoping that the oil line was the failure point so I didn't have to disassemble the robot. I appreciate the info for the disassembly, thankfully I didn't need it this time around.

    I was able to remove the lower guards yesterday and discovered that the fitting that connects the line to the grease fitting on the bottom of the gear box had broken off. Simple fix, I removed the broken fitting and screwed the grease fitting directly into the gearbox. I filled it back up with grease and its good to go.

    I've sent you something via conversation, may help ascertaining where the leak is coming from and also if you require to strip it down.

    So to disassemble the base:

    1. Everything running back to the base of the robot has to be disconnected.

    Is there anything attaching the top half to the base of the robot?

    Can I just pick the top half off with a forklift once the wires and pneumatic lines are disconnected?

    Anyone ever encountered an oil/grease leak on the motor/gear reducer unit on joint number one? Looks like the maintenance manual specs Multitemp FZ grease which looks like it might be a 00 grease? If anyone has any info on repairing this issue it would be greatly appreciated.

    I swapped CN5 and CN6 (joint 5 and joint 6) at the 1FG board, same joint 6 encoder errors. So I disconnected X3 and X3A and was cleaning them when I noticed a piece of aluminum flashing in the pins at X3A. Cleaned it out, and no more joint 6 encoder errors.

    Also, the new 1GB board was good, I was able to finally jog the robot. :dance2:

    Thanks for the help! :beerchug:

    I haven't got to test my 1GB board yet, I'm running into an encoder error on joint 6. Error 1553 and 1517. I have 5v supply at the encoder, I'm going to do some more troubleshooting on it Monday so see if the signal lines are OK or if its the encoder giving me fits. Any tips on troubleshooting encoders?

    I did something similar with K3 replacement back in the day

    This was a simple K3 coil failure, therefore simple in and out......but due to carelessness on my part I reversed the DC coming out of the power block via K3 to the big capacitor.

    Appreciate the kind words, I bet that was something to see. That capacitor scares me a little bit lol.

    I moved the robot and controller, when I did that I unhooked the external IO. When I went to power back up the teach pendant wouldn't power up (I had to reinstall some jumpers... gets me every time!). I was troubleshooting that when I unhooked the wires at V1 to verify voltage. Definitely a sloppy mistake hooking them back up backwards.

    The SSR's have built in reverse polarity protection. But D1-D6 burnt up when the SSR's closed providing a path to ground and in turn caused a large amp draw across the SSR's burning them up.

    I got the replacement board today, I'm going to throw it in and power up. I'll ohm out the harness before I connect things up just to double check. But I'm 99% certain that reversing the polarity on V1 caused this problem.

    I noticed today that my diodes were burnt out D1-D6. I also noticed that the diodes are installed in a reverse bias. So... I went and checked my voltage on V1 and sure enough I had my polarity reversed.

    Correct me if I'm wrong here but reversing the polarity at V1 would cause D1-D6 to "close" and create a short circuit across the SSR's. Burning up the diodes and the SSR's. Which looking at the spec sheet for the diodes is 35A, which is why my SSR's are fried (with a max load of 4A).

    So you have disconnected X5A from the robot and measuring pins 1 & 2 on X5A whilst X5 is still connected and 1GB CN6 is disconnected?

    Yes, my I disconnected/removed my 1GB board from the controller (waiting on a replacement). I had to go track down my megger, its reading less than 1/2 M ohm between 1 & 2. But is open when I disconnect X5 from the controller?

    When I test 1&2 at the controller without X5 connected its also open.

    Got it, thanks!

    I'm getting a weird reading between pins 1&2 at X5A when the harness is connected to the controller (CN6 @1GB is disconnected). I'm getting 2.26 M ohms between 1&2. It goes away when X5 is disconnected from the controller.