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    At what voltage ^

    I tried a few more setups of voltages. I meant to type 24volts in the example above. I also went through the menu-->setup stuff and I had calibrated it correctly the first time. Still getting the same results. A short spark and then an error '018-Lost Arc Detect'. This is what happens in order:

    Wire feeds out,
    Presses into the part,
    Ruins the tip,
    Errors out

    I am actually just trying to get it to work. I was not sure what parameters to use. I will try those settings. Thanks.

    I am using .045 diameter wire, with argon, on 1/4" cold drawn steel.

    When I try to use a schedule, the robot won't even arc. I put those in so you could see the settings I was using.
    As for material, I am using steel and the power source is the Lincoln Electric Power wave i400.

    Hey everyone,
    I am working on a new Fanuc 120iC Arc Mate and am trying to get it to weld. I have it moving in the pattern that I want, but when I run the program, it just sparks once and then clogs the tip so I have to replace it. This is my program:

    1:J P[1]] 10% FINE
    : ARC Start[WP1,175.0IPM, 34.00Volts,2.00]
    : ARC End[1]

    Not sure what I am doing wrong but any help would be nice. I am very new at Fanuc Welding Robots.

    Matt L

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