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    Hello all,

    I'm trying to get an output ON without stopping the robot.

    Of course I'm using


    to get it done, but there are some conditions before that must be observed, therefore, I have some IF clauses and a couple of function calls prior to activating the output itself...

    In pseudocode the logic flow is the following one:

    Of course, if in the main program I'm using the TRIGGER... call directly the robot is not stopping.

    I would like to be able to keep the different functions and so in my logics in order to separate the physical inputs and outputs from the logics.

    I've tried placing a continue just before any of the IF clauses present in the code with the same result...

    Any idea or hint?

    as always thank you in advance.

    Good morning Skyefire,

    It fails in both states, but in different ways:

    In that "super" fold I'm making an automatic touch up, which means that I'm getting the POS_ACT and assign it to some fields of that fold. I'm creating a fold that's similar to a LIN, PTP movement with speed, base, XYZABC and some other fields.

    If I'm opening the fold for first time I'm getting the POS_ACT and assigning it directly to the fold (like when you make a LIN in which all the XYZABC get updated automatically at the creation moment).

    If I'm modifying the fold, then a question appears asking if I want to touch up or not, which is wonderful as it helps the user to avoid touching up (one extra step).

    That fold is used to automate some robot path movements.

    Then, going back to the problem and behaviour:

    The inline form is not working as the robot is not aware of POS_ACT.
    In the notification area reads "invalid inline form".
    The PASTE operation fails.

    When the inline form is about to get pasted then the question appears and fails.
    The problem that I'm trying to avoid here is that when the fold is being pasted that question appears and therefore nothing is being pasted beyond that point.
    Of course this is a big issue as the customer gets fooled by the system and can make the robot to collide.

    Can you imagine some way to arrange this?

    Thank you very much in advance.

    Hello all,

    I have a special fold that makes a question to the operator just at the ONOPEN event. This should not be a big issue, but the fact is that even it works in most of the cases, when the operator copies the text CTRL+C and then pastes it into a new location CTRL+V it fails.

    Let me explain how:

    Let's say we have a small code like:

    PTP xxx1
    LIN xxx2
    PTP xxx3
    LIN xxx4
    PTP xxx5
    PTP xxx6

    If the robot operator selects

    LIN xxx4
    PTP xxx5

    and then tries to paste it somewhere the result is not the desired one as the paste operation gets broken and only this is getting pasted:

    LIN xxx4

    This is a big issue for my customer as no notification is shown during that operation and there are some of those folds that are intensively used during the programming.

    I've been thinking on looking for the copy operation in process system variable (if it exists) to use it to avoid making the question during the paste operation of that fold...

    Do you think it is possible? I've looked into the system variables manual without luck (nothing like that there).

    Any advice?

    As always thank you in advance.

    It is not any of those cases...

    In fact, when I connect the external display to the robot computer, the external display it's seen in a really nice way.

    Teh problem is in the KCP... which becomes blurry... It seems that the graphics card is not powerful enough to have two displays connected at the same time... and the display that becomes unstable and blurry is the KCP...

    I'd like to have a video splitter or something similar but I don't know what could be mounted there to reduce that effect...

    Thank you for your feedback!

    Hello all,

    I have an external 24 inches display connected to the robot controller.

    The problem here is that when I connect that display the quality of the image that is seen in the KCP is horrible... Can I do anything to improve that?

    I'm thinking on any device that I could plug into the graphic card that would amplify the signal and reduce the efforts that graphic card must do to show the image...

    Thank you in advance!