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    I've just started to work with Fanuc robots and Roboguide software and now I'm trying to make Roboguide simulation for the first project. Previously I had a lot of experience with ABB robots and Robotstudio software - installed about 50 robots and made many simulations with Robotstudio. Fanuc Roboguide looks very limited compared to ABB Robotstudio and I need advice from Roboguide experienced guys is it possible to make what I want on Roboguide. Below is the short task what I need to achieve:

    1. Mount the robot on special carriage which is mounted on 12 meters track. This task I was able to achieve without any problems - it works fine even on TP program. I attached robot to Rail and attached Carriage as robot Dressout;

    2. Attach Machine (Conveyor) to the same carriage (Track) like robot is attached. Here I'm stucked. I created Machine, but I have no idea how to attach it to the Rail (or robot, because robot is attached to controller). I can't attach it like Dressout, because it will work as conveyor with special pusher integrated inside conveyor. Any ideas how to do it? Is it possible at all based on Roboguide functionality?

    Later I will put another questions, because Forum platform does not let me attach more than one picture. But basically I will need to make transportation of special racks with boxes on this carriage conveyor and then move these racks with boxes to many stationary conveyors which will be placed perpendicular to robot track. After racks transportation I will need to make boxes pick and place from/to these racks. On Robotstudio I did such tasks by using Queue, Attach and Linear Mover smart components, but Roboguide uses totally different approach on visual programming of robot environment and I'm not sure if it is possible to achieve at all. I tried to watch as many as possible Roboguide tutorial videos on Youtube, but everybody there makes quite simple tasks and was not able find something like that. Roboguide Experts, please make some comments about Roboguide possibilities to achieve such tasks:

    1. Attach Machine to robot track;

    2. Make movement of rack with many boxes which can be manipulted later with robot gripper;

    3. Make animation of mechanical parts movement on mechatronic device (here is movement of pusher inside Carriage Conveyor and rotating special two pins (separately) inside pusher);

    4. Basically, I want to make a lot of dynamic elements inside robot simulation. Some of these dynamic elements are inside of other dynamic element (Robot Track --> Carriage on Robot Track --> Conveyor on Carriage --> Rack on Carriage Conveyor --> Boxes inside rack (which needs to be manipulated with robot as separate parts when rack is stopped on conveyor). On Robotstudio this is easy to achieve by combining few Queue smart components together with Attach smart component. Roboguide uses part on machine/fixtures approach, but this is not enough if these are simple parts and not part inside part --> inside part structure.

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