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    Dear all,

    I need to do a relative movement with an offset declared by plc that change every time. ("Offset" Variable from a fixed point)

    I declared my INT signal in CONFIG.DAT and I m able to read his value.

    BTW I ve problems when using the LIN or LIN_REL movement and WoV says unexpeted string...

    Actually I ve tried whit these many attempts:

    LIN {Z offset_prelievo}

    LIN_REL {Z offset_prelievo}

    in both the cases WoV signal an error of unexpected string. But, if I write

    LIN {Z 100} is it ok!

    Can u give me some suggestions?

    Thanks for the support

    I ve some more doubts about PGNO

    by defaul in config.dat I ve this

    ; Variables for internal

    ; Communication:


    INT PGNO=0;copy of ext. pgno

    so when I m going to read the pgno is always 0, ( in variable-->single-->PGNO)

    is it normal or I ve to map pgno?

    hi all,

    I m settings the I/O for the automatic external,

    by default I have at IN[1025] three signals: $MOVE_ENABLE, $DRIVES_OFF and $I_O_ACT.

    So my question is:

    I have to change some of these input ports or it is enogh to send one bit from the PLC that switch on all the three signals??

    If they must be changed, it has to be done in the config.dat?

    thank you

    Hi all,

    my question is about where to read the value of PGNO, or in other words where the PLC should send this INT value to my kuka.

    I ve setted the PGNO TYPE to 1 so the PGNO can be red as a binary number and I defined the cases in the cell.src, according to the manual.

    Btw I don t know how to define the PGNO type...

    Should I assign to it 16 bit in the I/O mapping area?

    Is it already mapped?? In the config.dat I can only see :

    INT PGNO=0;copy of ext. pgno

    Thanks for your help!

    Thank you all,

    I ve some problems... I m declaring my variable in the file $CONFIG.dat in the user variable zone in this way:

    ; Userdefined Variables


    DECL SIGNAL L $in[100] TO $in[115]

    But WoV says inaspected DECL

    the same appers when I declare it in src file.

    Do u have some suggestions?

    Than you

    Hallo everybody ,

    I need to comunicate some INT variables between PLC Siemens S7 1200 CPU1214C and my robot KUKA KRC4.

    I ve established a PROFINET comunication but, in Work Visual I can define only BOOL Variables.

    Can you help me to find a way to configure I/O INT variables?

    Thank you

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