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    Thank you for the reply. Ill look into what you suggested.

    There exist cheap and working floppy emulators where you can use a USB stick as data storage.

    Haven't seen or heard about a floppy emulator on a Raspi.

    Thanks for that, I'll have to do some more reading. I see this on Amazon. Do different floppy drives communicate the same? I'm not sure of the terminology. What I mean is will the goteck be compatible with the staubli floppy drive?

    GoTEK SFR1M44-U100 3.5 Inch 1.44MB USB SSD Floppy Drive Emulator Black

    I have been having issues using the floppy to install files to hopefully get the bot going. I think my issue was bad floppies. Some files will install, others won't. IC been reading about emulators today and went down a rabbit hole with raspberry pi and using it as a digital emulator of some sorts. I took out the SIO card from the cs7 cabinet to inspect the hdd and floppy. The floppy is a FD-235HF. The hdd is a SEAGATE ST312002 fwiw. Ihave a rpi3b+ that's new in box collecting dust.


    i could give it to you but i dont know if it will work, because there are some files that are hidden and a copy does not transfer them.

    During this week I'll leave here a link with a copy of one of our robots.

    hello, can you dedicate some time to get some of those files in the link you mentioned? Maybe a full copy of the drive? Thanks a lot

    Good job on the recovery of the files from the disc. I have the same robot and control. I'm having an issue with missing robot files from when the Dallas clock battery chip died. Could I pester you for a copy of whatever I need to get my bot going?

    Quick note on the errors you're getting. The key switch should be set to AUTOMATIC mode. This allows robot control through the terminal rather than the pendant. If this works for the errors I have a feeling you will get another error regarding the Estops. The safety circuit not being happy may send you on an unnecessary goose chase.

    The pendant connector also forms a permanent part of the safety circuit regardless of wether operating in Manual or Automatic mode. If it is connected the deadman switch needs to be held down even if the terminal is used to run programs/commands. If the pendant is disconnected there should be a dummy plug, if not the wires can be jumped. Hopefully I'll make some progress on my own one the coming few days to provide something of substance

    Just an update. I did have the key in automatic. I booted it up and I'm able to access the c drive. It appears I'm missing some specdata and system files. I have pictures of the various drives and folders I was exploring in v+. I wish I could figure out how to attach a picture in these posts. I'm using an Android phone.

    How can I identify which CS7 cabinet I have?

    My Baldor PSU doesn't show any lights or life either. Where is the fuse located I'll check that also.

    What can I check or command in the v+ to see if the robot is attached to another program? Reading thru the manual I see that the robots in the system need to be named I think. How can I see a list of robots that are stored? And for the record I only have a monitor and keyboard attached to the cabinet. I'm 100% new to robots and I'm learning my way thru this. I am pretty excited about getting this bot going so I will work at it relentlessly. I'm located in San Antonio Texas,hbu?

    Howdy, I have a rx130 with cs7. I did some Dremel work on my NVRAM chip and got it powered up. I'm able to go further along in the boot process however I'm getting a "robot interlocked" error as well as a "robot not connected to system" error. Any ideas?

    Just an update. I did a little surgery on the NVRAM battery socket and soldered some wires to it for a cr232 battery as a "jumper" and I was able to continue with the boot process. I'm able to use and get to the the v+ programming screen. Which I am not familiar with but I'm using a PDF manual to kinda make my way thru it slowly. When I command fdir into the c drive I'm able to see a lot of programs that are saved. If I try to enable robot for power up it says robot interlocked and or no robot connected error message. I'm not sure where that leaves me. Maybe it needs something loaded?

    Howdy, I found this today check link I attached. I finally got the keyboard adapter so I can press return and go along with the boot process, but I have another message saying the NVRAM battery failure. And it says Protection Error. I'm gonna chase down the battery today and see if I can't find it and change it.


    Hi Jmouw28

    I don't mean to drift your thread, but you mentioned you converted the controller to run on single phase. I just collected two of these RX90's. Both build in 1997. Can you please give me some info on what was required to convert to single phase? or was it as simple as running L and N through two of the phases and leaving one unconnected.



    That's exactly what I did. I took a 3 prong dryer cord and connected L1 and L3 and the ground to the chassis of cabinet.

    Update. After some more reading I found out how to release the brakes at the base of the robot. I was able to rotate joint 4 by hand and align it to the alignment marks on the arm. I powered up the cabinet and viola, joint 4 servo drive is green lit. So that's good. I noticed on the SIO card, it has a red light lit for an estop somewhere. But none are pressed. I have a long background in CNC machines so I'm aware of a lot of related stuff in that aspect. There is another IO cabinet attached to the side of this STAUBLI cabinet and it has a lot of relays in there. So I'm guessing maybe there's an estop/safety circuit that's not happy resulting in the controller thinking an estop is pressed. This bot was an automated welding robot for one of the big 3 auto manufacturers in Michigan so you can imagine all the DIO'S that could have been connected. The DIO card in the Staubli cabinet has 3 wire harness cables running to that IO cabinet. I went thru all the wires running to that cabinet and relays to check for cut or loose wires and I tapped them up for safety so I can continue with my initial testing of this rx130/cs7 cabinet and see what's what as I go along. And this is where I'm at. A friend of mine suspects that the when the processor boots up that it is looking for a lot of IO stuff and that getting the default programs from someone or Staubli might be beneficial.

    I have this arm and control that I bought from eBay. I rewired it to run from 220v single phase and for the most part, everything powers up including the pendant with flashing lights. I am completely new to robotics and am teaching myself and learning for fun. Anyway, all the joint drives power up with a green light except for joint 4 servo driver. It has a red fault light on the front. The Baldor BPS 10 PSU is also not showing signs of life with no lights lit up on front of it. I'm assuming it's damaged or dead. The pendant says Lost Communication with controller also. Curious on what my next steps should be. I tried attaching pics but I can't figure that out. I'm guessing I don't have the privileges to do so being a new member and all. I have a computer monitor connected to the cs7 and I copied the text and pasted it below. Maybe that will help

    Adept Technology, Inc.

    Automation System

    Copyright (c) 1984-1993 by Adept Technology, Inc. All rights reserved.

    Performing processor self-tests...

    Processor (030) -- Sys10 test failed

    Loading from drive A...

    Device not ready.

    Loading from drive C... -

    Error during system self-test. Press RETURN to proceed with loading.

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