Posts by Musumeci

    Hi ElEsgalho,

    Thank you so much for your sharing!!

    I've followed your step to create an account and now waiting for the registration.

    I'll let you know if everything goes smoothly.

    For the "can't download SRS 2019 anymore", does it means that only SRS2022 on Staubli portal?

    Hi ElEsgalho,

    I’ve been involved with Staubli robot recently too.

    Still struggling to search every information about the robot , ,but the information in my country is very less, until I see you post here.

    Could you please suggest or advise where can I download the SRS 2019 or 2022 ? I would also like to have the off-line programmer to study how to use the robots.

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon thank you so much!

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