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    Thanks for the reply!I also found this thread about it :

    I will also study the great book of variables! ;) :)


    Hi all.I wanted to know if someone could give me some information on the LOGBOOK file of the Fanuc particular I would like to know how to extend the "recording" time to several days...when I download the data onto the USB stick it goes only 1/2 hours there maybe some system variable or setting to change? is there a way to decide what information it logs? it's full of useless and repetitive information like this :

    Run FWD P13841V2 , 50


    06-MAY-22 07:35 :22


    Run FWD P13841V2 , 49


    06-MAY-22 07:35 :22

    repeated hundreds of times....

    the file reset when the robot is turned off?

    I thank all those who can give me some more information or some useful links ... I searched a lot on the internet and also in this forum but I found almost nothing ...