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    Hello thanks for you answer.

    It's an fd-b6 arm with a fd11 controller from otc daihen.

    I was expecting this to be normal that's why I stopped and just started working like this.
    Is it common to do offline programming and than just adapt the points at the machine afterwards ? or do people mostly use touch sensor for welding when using offline programming?

    Thank you

    Hello, at work we have an EasyARC welding cell, I do offline programming using OTC FT-ST.
    I noticed off centering when I but the tip of my torch perfectly straight (like in the video) and do rotation manually on the RZ- and RZ+. When using offline programming it gets you some error in some angles.

    I already redid the TCP multiple times and it's the exact same result.

    Do you think that this is something I can Fix ? And maybe you have an idea why this is happening

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    (There is some error in the axis of the camera that we can't notice on the video +/- 1mm too)

    Thanks in advance :)