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    Thank you so much for your reply ! I have a quick question if you don't mind. When I tried to rough calibrate, I got overflow alarms from every encoder ( I've checked the encoder readings they are indeed very big ), so I wanted to clear the encoder data first. And from a pdf named "Instructions for Adept Utility Programs" I've found a utility called "ABS_ENC.V2", which can be used to clear encoder error/alarm. But this only works for AdeptVicron robot, not for AdeptViper. I couldn't find other utilities that do the same job for the Viper robot. I'd like to ask what utility you use to clear encoder error/alarms ? Thanks again!

    Do you solve the problem of calibration? I need calibrate a Viper S650 but no chances.

    Hello everyone,

    I have a robot Adept Viper s650 controlled via PLC CompactLogix 5000, version 19.11, using a SmartController CX with ePLC 1.0 to send the commands from PLC to power module eMB-60R, over FireWire communication.

    I intend to remove the Smart Controller CX from my system and use the eMB-60R power module connected via Ethernet/IP directly with the PLC, because the power module already has the ePLC integrated.

    I followed exactly the steps according to the manual Adept ePLC User Guide for RSLogix 5000. However, the module does not communicate with the PLC.

    The module appears on the RSLinx Classic network, with the correct IP. But after I add the Generic Ethernet module in the PLC, it only fails "Module Fault Code 16#0118 Module Configuration Reject: Format Error"

    As I mentioned, I did the configuration exactly as the User Guide asks.

    Can someone help me?

    Thanks in advance !

    Hello everyone,

    I need help with robot Viper s650. The encoder battery is down and we lost the encoder position data.

    I tried to send command "CAL" from terminal using ACE Software 3.8 but the Power module goes to S1 Fault, and my encoder reference os wrong.

    Existing a mechanical zero of the joints?

    How i proceed with this problem ?

    Thanks !!

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