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    Your explanation was a good and point me on right direction. A couple days later of my initial post i was back to robot and manage to dig thru system and found the 'wire inching' function. After few tests i have found the right amount of inching time needed for the different type of welds i have. I know is not accurate as having a wire cutter station, but it + seam sensing are working good enough for what we need here.

    Big thanks to you @ NoBugsOnlyFeatures

    Hi All,

    Looking for some guidance here, as I have programmed touch sensing and it is working as it supposed to work until the robot weld something.

    The issue is the weld wire have a different length every time it finishes a weld. It is shorter than should be for sensing start point of next weld.

    My question is, there is anyway to increase the weld wire length (let's say for example 5mm) after every weld?

    Or if someone have any other idea how to solve this issue it will be much appreciated.

    I am using a Fanuc R-30IA with a Licoln Power Wave R450

    If anymore info needed please let me know.

    And apologies for this rookie question but it is never easy when we learn on self-taught way.

    Thanks in advance for all the help