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    Hello, I'm programming a case erecting robot right now and ran into something I figured I'd ask on here. I scavenged the AS manual through a ton and couldn't find what I'm looking for.

    Explanation: I have vacuum holding the case and is feeding into belts that are running. What I'm thinking now is to have the robot do a move and then when it gets to about an inch from the belts kill the vacuum and continue to push to the belts. However, because the cases are a different size each time, I cannot use work space location signals as it will change based on width and length of the box.

    The other thing I thought about was to set #HERE then offset math based on my box size but before I jumped into figuring that out I wanted to see if there was a way to simply turn SIGNAL on when robot was like 90% done with a certain move or something along those lines.

    Let me know if you have any questions.


    Definitely posted in the wrong spot before :fearful_face:

    I'm currently programming a palletizing robot for a project at my work. I'm not the most experienced but think I've picked up on it okay for not having been to a training or done one before. I'm running into a problem now in my structure or formatting of my program. I can post more of my program if needed to answer the question but the section below is where the error is being thrown. It actually says line 33 of the program which is the first 'CASE TRUE' but if I comment out the section in red (not sure if color formatting works inside the code section, but its the section inside the asterisks) the program runs fine. Can you not put an IF statement in a CASE X OF scenario?

    Regardless of this, what I'm working towards is to monitor the three pallet overall heights so that the movements can be lower if there are less boxes and then dynamically change as the pallets get built. Any help is appreciated.

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