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    Good morning. Maybe I didn't understand something but can’t you just rename it?

    right-click > rename

    As scotty already said, use fanuc heartbeat signal.

    Press the [MENU] key and select "I/O". Then press F1, [TYPE] and select "Cell Interface". In the output screen ("IN/OUT") you will find “7 Heartbeat signal”. 7 Heartbeat signal. To allocate the signal, press F2, "CONFIG".

    If you want change “Heartbeat timing”:

    Press the [MENU] key. Select “6 SETUP” then "1 Prog Select". Type value in milliseconds.

    For more information, please refer to the OPERATOR’S MANUAL (Basic Function) B-83284EN/10.

    Do you have the same problem? If yes, please provide more information, e.g. controller type, PROFINET option which is used on the robot, details about your PROFINET and PROFIsafe settings on robot and PLC side.

    Thank you for your reply. I found the issue. The Fanuc R-30iB Plus controller (with PROFINET FANUC BOARD A05B-2600-J084 and PROFINET Safety A05B-2600-J931) was right configured. The problem was on PLC (S7-1515F-2 PN) side: reset PROFIsafe-FB (ACK_REQ -> ACK_REI).


    I have the same problem profisafe error, I already check my F-Adress from PLC and connections and everything looks ok but still don't get any feedback from PLC safety, is a new robot in the line and the safety was working before in PLC, do u have another idea?

    I was wondering about the safety card in the robot but idk how to check that, also I already change the robot and still the same.

    Did you solve the problem?