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    DEF Placing(iProduct:IN)

    INT iProduct

    INT Index1

    INT Index2

    ;*** Move PTP place approx position


    PTP pTestePlace2 C_DIS

    FOR Index1=0 TO 9 STEP 1

    ;Move LIN place position


    PTP_REL {X 60} C_DIS


    FOR Index2=0 TO 9 STEP 1

    ;Move LIN place reatreat position


    PTP_REL {X -60} C_DIS



    First thanks for helping!

    Perfect, I did what you said about making small movements, but the movement with C_DIS is a bit paused and slow.

    I don't know, but I think it's possible to change the flange reference, somewhere it must have its reference. Then I shift the reference by 90 degrees and turn $PAL_MODE back on, allowing LIN movements.

    Hy everyone !

    I am trying change a reference from $PAL_MODE, I have a pal robot with 5 axis, but i want use there in other aplication. I have a tool that have a coupling in the robot in Vertical, for that I need change the reference about A5 axis.

    Instead of the flange reference being parallel to the base of the robot, I need it to be at 90 degrees.

    if I disable the $PAL_MODE function the robot no longer works linearly, and I need some solution to make the linear movements

    if anyone can help me thanks

    It is a KR4 8.6 and a KR470-PA

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