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    I only use LINs in my routine. Basically I have more LINs and at the end I call


    As I mentioned in my first post, none of the subroutines has any movement in it. They only write values to outputs which are send through EtherCAT to my tool.

    Do I even need the

    $VEL_EXTAX[1] = 1
    $ACC_EXTAX[1] = 50

    when I only use LINs?

    Thanks for your fast reply!

    I though with

    $VEL.CP = 0.2

    I would set the velocity for the robot axes. Is that assumption wrong?

    I also assumed the error message "Axis E1 Velocity not programmed" referred to the first external axis…

    So I would add

    FOR I = 1 TO 6
        $VEL_AXIS[I] = 10
        $ACC_AXIS[I] = 100

    or do I need anything else?

    I know this thread is from last year, but I didn't want to create one with the same issue. I tried using the solution here in combination with the Kuka manual, but couldn't solce the problem.

    The programms which are called (CompressionForceValue etc.) only communicate with the attached tool by reading/writing in and ouputs, so I doubt the issue comes from there. This Programm is the only place where I actually try to move the robot and the external axis. After getting the error about the axis E1 Velocity not being programmed I found this Forum, checked the Kuka manual added $VEL_EXTAX[1] = 1 and $ACC_EXTAX[1] = 50 but I still get the same issue.

    Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?

    Thanks in Advance!