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    Fubini, Mom, and Panic Mode,

    Thank you all for the insightful knowledge. This approach is new for me and you all have given me a new way to look at how I can take advantage of the kuka programming environment. I will be spending time moving forward learning how to use these methods and understand the complexity behind them.

    I will start with the transformation matrices and how that's implemented in the kuka IDE. Thank you for the explanation between T01, T12, and T02; that makes a lot more sense now.

    Down the rabbit hole!

    Thanks panic mode. Could you elaborate on the :xP179 of that command?

    I continued searching and have also found

    BASE_DATA[<frame number I am in>].Z

    -and subtract that from the current height in the frame to get world z.

    This accomplishes removing my hardcode of the base frame z value but I would like to understand your method more if you had the time.

    Or maybe the name of the documentation it would be found in? KRC portal is giving me difficulty in that. perhaps I am using the wrong keywords.

    Hello All,

    I am trying to pull a coordinate value out of the robot when I finish a move to a given position and assign that value. I have my IO setup and working and am passing values to the PLC successfully, but I need help with workvisual code to grab that value before assigning it.

    Say the robot is in some arbitrary frame that's taught (not world), and moves to a position using that frame reference; can I pull the equivalent world z value out of the robot? without changing frames and then back again before the next position move inside that frame? Thought of writing $POS_ACT to a temp variable and assigning the .Z component of that position variable but that would only give me the z value in that frame, not world.

    I have thought of a few ways to get the same result but that would require hardcoding the frame's z offset relative to world in my calculation and is not ideal for future usage of this program.

    Thanks for everyone's time. And if there was a better discussion page/category for this to be posted please let me know