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    Good morning! Hopefully you all can provide some guidance, and thanks in advance.

    We had used an s4cplus controller for some years without issue, then had an overheating issue about 2 years ago. We ended decommissioning this robot at the time, but would like to see if we can replace parts and get it back up and running.

    Upon boot up (no robot attached), we see that the Teach Pendant has an infinite countup "Wait! Startup in progress. -->". After reading in some of these forums, here is some (hopefully) helpful information for troubleshooting:



    Power Supply: Green


    On the DSQC 509

    En: Nothing

    MS: Red

    NS: Nothing


    DSQC 504



    DSQC 327

    MS: Green

    NS: Nothing



    PWR: Green

    HDD: Nothing

    Status: Flashing green

    After connecting via hyperterminal:

    /// Bootloader 1.1/8 Nov 24 1999, 00:20:32 ///

    disk 0:0 ATA STI Flash 6.1.0

    disk 0:1 unknown type


    system: '/hd0a/24-27344'

    release: '/hd0a/3HAC6811-1.94'

    Loading module /hd0a/3HAC6811-1.94/bin/mc 9204856 + 653832 + 5462212

    Loaded configuration /

    Loaded configuration /hd0a/3HAC6811-1.94/mc.cfg

    Starting at 0x108000...

    Starting RTC synchronization of system time...

    /hd0a/ - Volume is OK

    Phys mem : 0x3eff000

    Perm pool : 0x8e4c20 @ 0x361a3e0

    LocalCA mem : 0x18000 @ 0x88000

    LocalSM mem : 0x8000 @ 0x80000

    Local mem : 0x361a3e0

    BSP version : 1.1/15

    Creation date : Feb 24 2002 13:48:25

    Main network : fei0 XXX.XXX.X.XX 00:00:60:da:71:53 (I left out IP address from this transcription)

    Executing startup script /hd0a/3HAC6811-1.94/bin/mc.bat ...

    mRouteAdd "XXX.XXX.XXX.XX". "XXX.XXX.XXX.X", 0xfffffe0,0,0

    value = 0 = 0.0

    taskSpawn "root",100,28,40000,root_entry

    value = 55335832 = 0x34c5b98

    Done executing startup script /hd0a/3HAC6811-1.94/bin/mc.bat

    image_restroe: 2367ms

    Page Fault

    Program Counter: 0x0092300b

    Status Register: 0x00010202

    Error Code: 0x00000000

    Task: 0x361a248 "tRootTask"

    Page Fault

    Program Counter: 0x0000001f

    Status Register: 0x00010246

    Error Code: 0x00000002

    Task: 0x351a5c4 "tNetTask"

    I tried to use the instructions to delete the image.bin file and reboot, but with no luck. I couldn't get the prompt to pop up, even after hitting enter. So I would type and hit enter and nothing would happen except it would go to a new line (but no execution).

    Given this info, I would suspect I need to replace the DSQC 509 board, but would love some opinion/confirmation before doing so! Additionally, do I need a functional robot hooked up to allow for the bootup to occur?

    Thanks a bunch and let me know if there's any further information I can provide to help troubleshoot :smiling_face: .

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