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    Kawasaki actually responded already! I'll see how it goes talking to them directly, and if I can get the boss to pry open the credit card to get a proper control tablet that would be a win. I'll keep a tab open on this thread so I can post updates and if I can't get something simpl(er) out of Kawasaki I'll probably be back with more questions.


    1. This unit was sitting for an unknown duration, unused, until the prior owner decided to finally sell it. We never saw it running

    2. IDK what all should be there. It looks complete to me but thats why I posted pics of the inside of the base cabinet so maybe someone else would be like "you're missing the xxxxxxx"

    3. People buy stuff from us without documentation all the time, you'd be surprised

    3. This seems unlikely due to a boss who does not like spending money

    4. I'm in Texas USA but thanks for that!

    I have these:

    The instruction manual, yes.

    AS Language Reference Manual which seems like way more than I wanted to learn about :frowning_face:

    Tablet Operation Manual, yes.

    also a Cubic-S instruction manual in case that would help

    I have applied for an account so I can access the downloads page referenced, I suppose that will probably have to wait until next week unless they are super fast to approve.

    I would need to dig up an android tablet from somewhere, but I already have PCs I could use for the occasion. I didn't read 100% of all the manuals, but I have the impression Robot Teacher would be easiest to use and is only for android. Is that correct, and/or is there a GUI interface a novice can use with a PC? I was hoping for something simpler than what is shown in your youtube videos!

    In the alternative, is there a teaching pendant I could use without having to sort all the computer-related stuff? Other robots we've had, we have been able to jog axes individually with a joystick or buttons on a pendant, is there something like that for these?

    My work has just acquired a duaro robot: with nothing in the way of an interface or controller to tell it what to do. My task is approximately "make the robot move its arms so we can show it works so it can be sold as a functioning unit" and I have zero clue what to do with it.

    We got manuals with it and it seems there is also a tablet that can be used to control the robot. What else do I need, if anything? Can I get a tablet or pendant and jump some safety contacts and make this robot move? And where could I get the pendant?

    Any help y'all can provide would be much appreciated

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