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Fanuc Robot Forum / Re: Password file
« Last post by MUNIACO on Today at 04:39:26 AM »
No one?
Fanuc Robot Forum / Re: Fanuc Payload Checker
« Last post by jiyeon20131228 on Today at 04:28:56 AM »
 :icon_smile: Thank you^^
KUKA Robot Forum / Re: print a message?
« Last post by raulboter on Today at 03:01:08 AM »
You will have to change some stuff at the sps file and at the config.dat.
He res a template you may use in both of them:

First of all declare those parameters at config.dat

Code: [Select]
DECL KRLMSG_T mymessage
INT handle
BOOL msg_one=TRUE
BOOL msg_show=TRUE

Then those at SPS

Code: [Select]
IF NOT msg_one THEN
mymessage={modul[] "Here's the top of the message", Nr 1000, msg_txt[] " here is its content"}
handle = Set_KrlMsg(#NOTIFY, mymessage, Parameter[ ], Option)

IF (here you will define when your message will appear) THEN
mymessage={modul[] "here's the top", Nr 1001, msg_txt[] "here's the content"}
handle = Set_KrlMsg(#NOTIFY, mymessage, Parameter[ ], Option)

That's for KRC4, if your controller is a KRC2 then it's a bit different
Fanuc Robot Forum / RUN instruction
« Last post by sbfukidr on Today at 02:48:58 AM »
Call the KAREL program with RUN in the TP program, and the RUN will say "prog-040" incorrectly.
Why is this happening?

RUN A_program
CALL B_program

a_KAREL in A_program Program
b_KAREL in B_program Program

This is what I want to achieve。
KUKA Robot Forum / Re: integrating a kuka kr6 with cognex camera
« Last post by raulboter on Today at 02:38:04 AM »
Which controller is yours? If it's an KRC4 you may look for Kuka.VisionCom or Kuka.VisionTech package, if it's an KRC2 look for something about the Kuka.Vision only.
Th following file may help you a bit:
Fanuc Robot Forum / Re: Background logic vs PMC
« Last post by bill4807 on Today at 02:30:33 AM »
Now I understand what you mean, monitor instruction. Thank for the description. I have never used BGLogic before.

I believe this is what I was searching for. I do have DCS on this one. At the end/beginning of the main program I will be returning home, and will also not let them start without being at (start pos/home)But in any other circumstance the operator will have a home button on the HMI. I am familiar with Lpos/Jpos, but have never implemented it.
I thought if in zone 1, jmp to prog-X, if in zone 2, jmp to prog-Y, etc etc. That is the easy part I think. My main concern is does the Lpos/Jpos instruction effected differently if I have say 4 different user frames?
Thank you
Mitsubishi Robot Forum / Re: Mitsubishi CR-E356
« Last post by Robo~Willie on Today at 02:12:20 AM »
Hey Guys...any help will be HUGELY appreciated! The only manual I have been able to find is printed in German and I do not speak or read German. I bought these robots and controllers from a South Korean company in 2014 and spent a lot of time and effort to modify them to perform tasks here. Mitsubishi has been less than helpful to me. I REALLY need help here!
KUKA Robot Forum / Re: How can I see the ROBRUNTIME value on PC?
« Last post by panic mode on Today at 02:08:58 AM »
well, if you are manually recording runtime, use menu Help>Info>Robot
btw, KSS 8.x does show maintenance reminders
KUKA Robot Forum / Re: How can I see the ROBRUNTIME value on PC?
« Last post by raulboter on Today at 01:08:25 AM »
Oh, sorry, I didn't see the part where you said "what controller and what software version?", I just saw the link. Thank you both for the hint  :beerchug:
It's an KRC4, the KSS version is 8.2.25. Well, I don't want to see the variable ROBRUNTIME itself, just its value for me to put on the spreadsheet. Thank you guys, and sorry one more time, wont happend again  :top:
KUKA Robot Forum / krc4_fronius_tps 4000_job mode
« Last post by oya on Yesterday at 11:34:45 PM »
HI Friends,
iam facing some issue in my robotic welding cell. we are using krc4 controller with KR 16robot and our power source is tps 4000 CMT
in my fronius RCU iam selecting external mode but its not jumping to job mode
in workvisual job mode is configured with 3 to 5 signals and job number is 17 to 24

while welding i checked the signals output 4 is switching on

please advice
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