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Panasonic Robots / Re: TA-1600 CAD Model/Drawing
« Last post by Sam Wapshare on Today at 02:57:34 PM »
do you still need files
ABB Robot Forum / Can I add Robots to a server
« Last post by Sean_MMSNI on Today at 02:52:04 PM »
We currently have an IRB6400 with s4c controller, IRB 2400 with S4 controller and soon to have another IRB 6400  up and running. one of the robots has an Ethernet connection and another has a USB connection. Im Wondering is it possible to get all these robots connected to our server so that they can be accessed from the office to transfer files instead of having to take a laptop down and start plugging cables and usbs in. I this is possible what would I have to do.    :help:
KUKA Robot Forum / Re: calibrating
« Last post by jjf on Today at 02:46:03 PM »
yes KSS Version
webcam camera and its fixed to a certain position
chess board is printing in A3 paper so the workspace of the robot is limit to that area
the webcam is connected to PC to take snapshot from the live video and then the robot can move to a certain postion to suck the object by the vacuum(tool) according to choosing position from the operate by visual studio
KUKA Robot Forum / Re: HELP: AUTO run program on GM version KUKA C1
« Last post by DonAndres on Today at 02:21:34 PM »
Hey guys...
I just want to know if it is doable on a KRC2 GM, KSS 4.1.7 sp08 , the parameters to avoid the gate open errors as “ucol” did.
All ready checked the jumpers of the CC1 are the same as posted previously.

Will appreciate your response.
KUKA Robot Forum / Re: bmw (v)kr c2 safety circuit for drives not ready
« Last post by burak38 on Today at 02:21:14 PM »
310 safety circuit for drives not ready
200 drives cantactor is off
309 block select : BCO reaching in T1/T2 required
Fanuc Robot Forum / Compact Flash Card and Adapter
« Last post by Robo_Eng_13 on Today at 02:14:40 PM »
We are looking for a good source from which to buy and stock compact flash cards and adapters for our Fanuc robots. Based on a response in the thread below, we decided to try out ordering them from Fanuc, on the assumption that the price was for a box with multiple cards, but on delivery we found that no, it is a per unit price. $508.00 per Card/Adapter pair is a little unreasonable, but we are only able to buy using Purchase Order. Does anyone have a good source for 1-4 GB Compact Flash Cards and Adapters?

Update: Digging deeper, found them for $143 per pair. Still looking for a better source.
Well, a CIRC command would be iffy for this kind of application, although it probably could be made to work.

My preference would be to create a calculated circle in the XY plane, with Z increments associated to each point around the circumference of the circle.

I've attached a generic circle/ellipsoid program I created many years ago.  Adding a fractional Z motion to each point of the circle should not be difficult.  As long as you create a Base frame properly aligned with the surface you're trying to drill through, the math becomes relatively simple.
Fanuc Robot Forum / Re: 2D Vision Sensor integrating questions
« Last post by Brewton on Today at 02:08:43 PM »
Thanks for your input! Does the RJ3iB Controller have iR Vision capabilities? Would I just need to purchase the package from Fanuc?
Fanuc Robot Forum / Re: User Frame problem
« Last post by Fabian Munoz on Today at 01:50:29 PM »

Andreic   Interesting, when I was learning Fanuc , the guy that taught was the Fanuc robot maintenance with 400 robots to check and he told me speciifically to use the same tool (teaching and been taught). Which really blew my mind coming from Motoman world where thats a big No, Nom but I tell I been using the same tool on about 100 Fanuc that i've done and I never had an issue (Except for me and my sight of course)

fannar   I guess we are all assuming that the calibration of that robot is correct , right ?
             Looking at the video, for me that's a "bit to much" error specially if you use an screw, You might expect within a millimeter deviation.
KUKA Robot Forum / Re: calibrating
« Last post by SkyeFire on Today at 01:38:56 PM »
KSS Version?
Camera?  WHAT camera?
What KUKA option package is being used with the camera, if any?
Is the camera fixed, or mounted to the robot?

You question, as written, is the equivalent of "How do I make my car run?"
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