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April 30, 2018, 02:18:11 PM
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Hello everyone,

I want to share with you my soft. It is soft for checking Fanuc VW Standard and couple more options.


How to use it?

.NET Framework 4.5 Win7/Win10


1. Select path to the folder with downloads (if it's zipped you can use button Unzip - it should create the folder with unpacked backup and ENGLISH file)
2. Select option (for example collision check and joint position control)
3. After checking you will get info Job done.
4. The complete report is in selected folder with backup in folder done.

Example recognized mistake:


Available options:
Controlling tab:
1. Movement parameters - checking points parameters  (cnt, speed, acc, time before)
2. Signals:
    - checking collision zone - checking if all activated collision are in TC ONLINE and deactivated are out of TC ONLINE
    - waiting control - checking point with Ve=0 if include E23 function.
    - Coordinate - checking home coordinate according to folge125. (without checking tool/base, soo sometime is a mistake)
 3. Joint Position - checking if all points are saved in cartesian coordinate.
 4. IO description - checking used merkers/signals with IO.SET file. Right now only working with one template.

1. Init gun open - [be cerful] this function changing open gun in welding points. It's calculating init open + part thickness from excel.
2. Group adding - it's function to add group GR1...GR4 [accoriding to VW standard]


1. Exporting - exporting tool/base, payload, home coordinate to a text file.
2. Signature - exporting DCS signature.
3. Weld spots - exporting all weld spots to a text file with all information. Important! Searching function working with comment structure like below:
 ! INDEX NR 9512 ;
 ! 4KE_801_815____0215_A36_0001_L ;
Otherwise, you have to edit RegEx.
4. Reference list - exporting to a text file all used signals in all programs.

Some of the exported files have format separated with "|". It easier for me to export this file to excel.

I will be glad if you leave some opinion or suggestion about the new option.

Right now I'm implementing also KUKA VKRC4 file. I'm almost in the end.

What am I doing?

- Collision mapper - checking all signals in the program and making a map of collision  [VKRC4]
- Path Editor - option to mirroring path, make offset etc. [VKRC4]
- Decode .wvs project - decoding project from work visual and unpacking. All src/dat file available [VKRC4]
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Hey, marc90.

Pretty interesting tool.

I'm actually working in a VW facility with lots of FANUCs, and I will give it a try.

Thanks for sharing!

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