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    panic mode Yes, I used catalog editor and configuration of 2 motors (master/slave), that had been used before. On this configuration I add two more slaves.

    If all of the three Slaves are PositionSlave, axis is working fine. Because of that I think that there is something wrong with the actual parameters if two of the slaves are TorqueSlave.

    And I need configuration with TorqueSlave, because of the backlash.

    Hello everyone,

    KSS 8.6.6, KRC4, KR 480.

    I want to have the following configuration of external axis:

    -1 Master and 3 Slave (Slave 1 and 2 to be TorqueSlave and Slave 3 to be PostionSlave). All motors are ME_480_180_30_S0.

    I am using default parameters for all motors (Speed Lag, Torque ration, Position lag).

    But when I try to move this axis, I get error: Speed deviation on Slave.

    Does someone has experience, which parameters need to be changed for this configuration to work ?