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    Hi all!

    Is there any way to export a .xml / .csv file with controller data to pc? I've been trying to look for it via UaExpert but came up with nothing... :frowning_face:

    Thanks :winking_face:

    Hi all,

    I've been now two days with the same issue... I'm using an HMI to run a MAIN program (Prog Select configured correctly). When working in AUTO, no active alarms, and ABORT done, UI[6] pop-up ON but the system is not running as the SYST-011 or SYST-034 alarm pops out stating: Failed to run task.

    The thing is that when I turn on the manual mode, I'm able to do FWD and start running the program. After this, if I cange back to AUTO and try to run the program.... It works! Except if an ABORT is done between both working modes.

    Does anyone have a clue about this? I will really appreciate it

    Thankyou! :smiling_face:

    Hi all!

    I'm searching about how can I vary the exposure time of the vision system depending on the actual environmental light. The robot picks up workpieces from a conveyor 24/7, therefore, it will work at daytime and nighttime.

    Vision system is sensible against this external light. So, is there any other parameter that I could change so that workpieces are detected during the whole day? What I need to do now is manually change the Exposure time depending on the light at a specific moment of the day.

    Thankyou :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


    It is possible to stablish the SKIP CONDITION at the beggining of the code? I only have to check one condition no matter what movement.

    Or do I need to declare it before each skip?



    J P[2] 50% FINE, Skip, LBL[x]


    J P[3] 50% FINE, Skip, LBL[x]


    Thankyou!! :smiling_face:


    The collision is not really the reason, I used a skip condition to make sure that the torque does not exceeds more than a certain value, as this can happen in more than one situation, I thought that it would be better to use the same LBL


    I'm trying to figure out if it's possible to FWD back to a program and continue where it stopped.

    For example:

    The program starts but jumps to the end of it due to a collision. After managing it, I want the program to continue from where it stopped.

    Is there any function or way to do this?

    Thankyou :smiling_face:


    I manage to find the problem... I needed to masterize the robot again. The zero position was not the same on both of them! Thankyou HawkME

    Btw, how can I change the configuration (NBD 0 0 0 to NUT 0 0 0) of an already-set frame?


    I'm trying to create a random movement in one of them and copy paste the program to the other one.

    So I decided to make the setup of the User Frame for two identical robots (hence with the same Frame) separately, but when pasted the point from Robot 1 to Robot 2, the positions do not match.

    After this, I copied the Frame values from Robot 1 into Robot 2, copied the position of the point as well, and they still aren't matching.

    I justed cheked the POSN values to make them match, and with the same position values, they do not look the same: Robot 1 is quite up above and Robot 2 is below and with the tool slightly twisted.

    Why is this happening? It is maybe because an error during the first setup of the robot?

    **note that both positions have the same UF:1 and UT:1

    Thankyou :smiling_face:

    Hi all,

    I'm programming four different 20iD. They all handle the same items with the same tool. So here's the question... It is necessary to calibrate the payload for each one separately? Or is it enough to calibrate one and copy paste to the rest of them?

    **The same happens with the Tool Frame: Do I have to set the four of them separately?

    Hope someone knows about it, I'll save many time

    Thankyou :smiling_face:

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