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    Is there a variable that can be turned on to show the yellow highlight of remarks/comments in the R30iA, or is that just not a thing?

    Good morning!

    We currently have a Motoman robot that we are going to replace with a FANUC. We currently have R30-iB and R-30iB+ controllers in the plant, nothing older. We are in a time crunch due to FY21 coming to an end for us. This robot is a rack mounted robot, and they are not as common to find so we have had a hard time locating one. Our vendor has found one, but it is an R-30iA controller. From what I have read and studied, there are no major differences between the two other than possibly some processing upgrades in the R-30iB.

    Would there be any reason for me to avoid purchasing the R-30iA controller?