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    Hi jmd2777,

    On the USER screen i have:

    Connect Status = 0


    Then the program waits for a client to connect to the port.

    1. Must have been a typo, i removed it but it didn't change anything.

    3. It fails to connect to the port via telnet..

    4. It is set to unlock.

    I feel like the problem must come from the Host Comm settings or the variables $HOSTS_CFG since it seems like the port 8000 isn't available (i'm using the CurrPorts app which list every opened port on the PC).

    Hi all,

    I am new to socket messaging and karel programming and I am trying to establish a connection between roboguide (being the server) and my pc (being the client) via a C++ program but it won't work.

    I followed the Karel documentation on socket messaging to setup the server tag, but it doesn't mention to add a port number or a server IP, should I? As for the system variable $HOSTS_CFG[3], I've only configure the $SERVER_PORT to a random value: 8000.

    I've done multiple tests with different server_port (in $HOSTS_CFG[3] menu) numbers and server_IP value (in Host_Comm menu) such as the loopback IP adress or the controller IP adress but nothing seems to work. Am i missing something?

    Here is my Karel code:

    And here is my c++ code: